Health Care in the U.S.

The United States has a reputation for quality health care services, which include:

  • Routine and preventive care
  • Urgent care for accidents and emergencies
  • Comprehensive health management for diagnosed conditions

Providers, both primary care physicians and specialists, must be trained and licensed to practice medicine. The system is focused on the patient’s physical and psychological well-being.

While emergency care will be provided to anyone in need without question, healthcare services are extremely expensive. It is important to plan ahead for the health needs of yourself and your family while you are in the United States.

Health Insurance

All MSUB students are required to have insurance coverage. You can purchase insurance through MSUB or waive the insurance by showing proof of other insurance coverage. Health insurance can drastically reduce health care costs when you or your family members need medical care. It is a good idea to bring copies of your personal medical records with you to MSUB, along with records for any dependent family members joining you.

Immigration rules require that all J-1 and J-2 Exchange Visitors must maintain adequate US health insurance. Coverage must meet or exceed minimum requirements set by the government for the duration of your program. More importantly, US health insurance is an important protection that all individuals are encouraged to have.

Willful failure to obtain insurance that meets these standards may result in a termination of the principle J-1 Exchange Visitor record. Other visa categories do not carry the same requirement under US regulations, but MSUB requires insurance coverage and all students will be charged the full MSUB Health Insurance cost unless proof of health insurance is provided at the start of the semester

If you wish to waive your MSUB health insurance coverage, you must complete the appropriate wiaver form for your visa and turn in the form, along with proof of your coverage. 

a nurseweighs and measures a MSUB student

Review some international student health insurance companies.

Student Health Services

MSUB's Student Health Services (SHS) is located just across the hall from Petro Hall entrance. It is a useful resource for students and offers a variety of clinical services, health education and mental health counseling, all on-campus and covered by your student fees.  SHS also offers free COVID testing and vaccinations for registered students. Please make an appointment or just walk in as needed.

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