Decorated tables in the Glacier RoomStudent Union Meeting & Conference Space

The Student Union provides meeting and conference rooms, and space for art exhibits. The Center for Engagement coordinates the scheduling of non-academic space on campus. Within the Student Union there are multiple rooms that can be set up in a variety of ways to accommodate training classes, board meetings, luncheons, banquets and more. If you would like more information about holding a meeting or conference in the MSU Billings Student Union please contact The Center for Engagement:

Offices Located in the SUB

SUB Directory


Associated Students of MSU Billings (Student Government) 657-2365
Room 213
Main Number 657-2365
President Room 217
Vice-President Room 216
Business Manager Room 215
Legal Services Room 218
Student Resolution Officer Room 214
MSUB Campus Store Lower Level
Director 657-2121
Textbook Buyer 657-1718
Supplies Buyer 657-2247
Dining Services 657-2383
Lower Level
General Manager 657-2380
Catering 657-2381
Clerical Support 657-2383
Administrative Assistant 657-2383


Health Services Petro Hall
Director 657-2153
Mental Health Counselor - By Appointment 657-2153
Wellness Specialist 657-2564
Office Manager 657-2153
Health Information System Manager 657-2153
Housing and Residence Life Room 225
Director 657-2333
Office Manager 657-2333
Petro Hall Director 657-2588
Petro Hall
Petro Hall Main Desk 657-2586
Rimrock Hall Director 657-2376
Rimrock Hall
Center for Engagement                                                        Room 221
Main Office 657-2387
Director 657-2387
Student Engagement Coordinator 657-2320
Civic Engagement Coordinator 657-5817