Eagle Mount Billings volunteer make adventuring accessible find out more information at msubillings.edy/community

Eagle Mount Billings

Mission Statement

To provide therapeutic, adaptive recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

What is Eagle Mount?

Since 1988, Eagle Mount Billings has been creating adaptive recreation opportunities for people with disabilities in our community. We offer programs like cycling, horseback riding, soccer, golf, and many other sports and recreation activities. We are motivated by the belief that adaptive sports and recreation are instrumental in improving the quality of life of individuals with disabilities.

What is volunteering at Eagle Mount like?

Volunteering with Eagle Mount is an incredibly rewarding experience. Volunteers are paired individually with an Eagle Mount participant in order to ensure that the participant is having the best and most supported experience possible. Volunteers are responsible for encouraging participants to step outside of their comfort zones, ensuring their safety throughout the activity, and coaching them in new skills. This allows volunteers to form strong relationships with participants and be a first-hand witness to their growth and personal development. Without volunteers, Eagle Mount would be unable to provide the therapeutic recreation services we are dedicated to offering our participants.

What are the benefits of volunteering with Eagle Mount?

Eagle Mount has a strong volunteer community. We have many volunteers who have been with the organization for 20 years or more, creating an amazing opportunity for new volunteers to learn from the many special education teachers, recreational therapists, and parents and siblings of people with disabilities who make up our core volunteer base.

Not only does volunteering with Eagle Mount offer a strong sense of community, there are also certain perks associated with volunteering. For example, last year, we offered a free season pass to any volunteers to came to the mountain with Eagle Mount 10 or more times.

How do I become an Eagle Mount volunteer?

In order to ensure the safety of our participants, we require potential volunteers to fill out a brief application, complete a background check, and sign a liability waiver. These forms can be found on Eagle Mount’s United Way page or on our website www.eaglemount.us