What is Angel Tree?

Angel Tree is a family assistance program aimed at providing gifts to children during the holiday period. The program offers new clothing and toys to children aged between 0-18 years old. Children’s clothing sizes, toy preference and special requests are transferred to paper ‘angel’ tags and are hung on holiday trees to be adopted by donors. Each angel tag includes a child’s name, age and gender. These details are used to provide additional information to donors when selecting gifts.

How does it work?

Holiday trees are placed around University Campus and City College in high traffic areas. Each holiday tree will have a number of hanging angel tags.

  1. Select an angel tag
  2. Purchase gift(s) based on the information contain on the tag
  3. Return gift(s) (plus tag) to one of the listed drop off points.

Be sure to return your gift unwrapped – this is to ensure parents are receiving an appropriate gift for their child to open.

It’s that simple!

Which family groups will Angel Tree be supporting?

Donors have the option to select from each of two family groups: MSUB students and/or Billings community members.

For MSUB students, look out for TRIO Advocates tags, these are easy to spot as they are round.

For Billings community members, select a rectangle-shaped tag. All Billings community member tags represent families identified by the Salvation Army as at-risk or in-need.

What is TRIO Advocates?

TRIO Advocates is an education-based outreach program aimed at supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The TRIO Advocates Angel Tree program is designed to give Montana State University Billings TRIO students an opportunity to help provide their families with toys/gifts whilst also helping to reduce the financial impact of the holiday season.

If you are a TRIO member, this application can either be filled out for your own kid(s) or can be filled out to recommend another TRIO member’s kid(s). Children must be 18 years of age or younger. The family must also be low-income to qualify.

Where are the drop off points?

There are three drop off locations. University Campus locations include the Center for Engagement (219-222, 2nd Floor Student Union building) and TRIO Student Support Services (Library, LI 141). City College drop off is located at Student Jacket Central (Tech Commons).

How long does the program run for?

Angel Tree will be running from Monday Nov 18th through Friday Dec 6th, 2019. Please ensure that you are able to drop off your unwrapped gift (plus tag) by Dec 6th by 5pm. Gifts will be accept beyond this date, but we cannot guarantee your gift will go directly to the child indicated on the tag. However, we will make every effort to ensure that your gift is delivered to an at-risk or in-need local family.

How can I make contact?

For general information, contact Peter Buchanan on (406) 896-5817 or peter.buchanan1@msubillings.edu 

For TRIO/SSS information, contact Katlyn Gillen on (406) 657-2184 on katlyngillen@msubillings.edu