Mission Statement

Political Science is the study of politics, government, and public affairs. It provides the student with knowledge and understanding of the theory, organization, functions, and processes of domestic and international systems and institutions of politics and government, including the role of individual and group relations. 


Courses offered are oriented toward:

  • Preparing the student for citizenship roles in community and national affairs and providing a coherent knowledge of political and government activities
  • Assisting the student to secure a broad liberal arts and social sciences education
  • Providing undergraduate preparation for those students who propose to study at the graduate level
  • Offering general training for students who plan careers in government and public affairs
  • Preparing students for careers in secondary teaching
  • Providing a sound background for those students who intend to enroll in law and other professional schools
  • Providing a useful background for students who wish to work in management and staff positions in business and industry which have relationships with the public sector, including political journalism

Skill Development

Political science graduates will:

  • Comprehend and utilize qualitative and quantitative methods used in the social sciences and the law to answer questions and investigate social and political problems
  • Have highly developed critical thinking skills which enables them to understand and evaluate rival theories, interpretations, and arguments
  • Be able to communicate effectively using verbal and written communication skills that are well-organized arguments supported by evidence
  • Be able to plan, organize, and conduct political, social science, legal and public affairs research in a highly professional manner that uses a complex array of resources to support their argument
  • Be able to manage organizations, programs, and personnel in an effective, efficient, and ethical manner

Majors & Minors

Political Science - B.S.

Political Science  - Minor

Political Science - Teaching Minor

Political Science Faculty

Dr. Paul J. Pope 
Associate Professor of Political Science 


What You Can Do with Public Administration Education?

List of Possible Careers 

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