Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor each semester to confirm that their Plan of Study is accurate and complete. If necessary, changes and updates should be made in order to ensure that program requirements can be completed in a timely manner. Faculty advisors work with students to explore appropriate internships, cooperative education placements and/or experiential learning opportunities which will enhance the student’s academic program. In addition, advisors provide assistance in selecting elective courses which support the student’s interests, career plans and Plan of Study.

Academic advising services for all freshmen College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences majors are provided through the Advising Center in McMullen Hall, Room 100. Upon declaring a specific major, Arts and Science majors will be assigned to a faculty advisor in their department for upper-division advising. Advising files for all upper-division students are maintained in the departmental office of the program in which the student is majoring. Although advisors are available to assist students in designing their Plans of Study, students are ultimately responsible for meeting degree requirements.

Jobs & Internships

Internships (some paid)—at home and abroad—are available for students of French, German and Spanish, and students majoring or minoring in a foreign language are encouraged to participate in one of these programs.

Study Abroad

The University offers Spanish students the opportunity to live and learn in Spain, Costa Rica and other countries. Other fully accredited summer session, semester, and academic-year abroad programs may be arranged in cooperation with other American colleges and universities. Students should inquire at the departmental office or at the office or International Studies.

Student Organizations

Students enrich their college experience by joining student organizations related to their area of study.