Credit Examinations

Those students who have had previous training in a foreign language or who are native speakers of a language other than English may receive credit for their level of proficiency through a credit examination.  Depending on proficiency, students may receive from one semester to three years credit in a language.  High school study of a foreign language may provide immediate college credit to students who have applied themselves in high school.

Upon request, the department will grant credit in a language other than those taught at MSU Billings.  Students must provide a qualified interpreter.  They must show oral proficiency for first year credit, and generally both oral and reading proficiency for second year credit.  This credit is awarded under the LANG prefix.  Credit for Native American languages is handled through the Native American Outreach Office.

Prior to graduation, students must enroll in the course for which the credits will be awarded.  Students may elect to enroll in the course in the semester after the challenge exam is taken, or they may enroll for the course in any semester after the successful completion of the challenge exam.