Painting and Drawing

A studio emphasis in Painting and Drawing allows students to incorporate a variety of techniques and approaches within all levels. We focus on development of both the technical skill and conceptual ideas. With equipment that allows students to work in paper-making, installation, mixed media, as well as traditional techniques, everyone explores and develops a unique visual language.


Painting, Drawing and Printmaking

A studio emphasis in Printmaking enjoys our fully equipped printmaking studio which includes presses for lithography, intaglio, and screen printing. Our two room print studio includes 2 etching presses, 2 lithography presses, a vacuum screen printing table, Hollander paper beater, exposure table and plenty of space to work!


Courses are built to give both traditional and conceptual development tools.

  • Visual Language Drawing - build a solid foundation of drawing
  • Drawing 1 – life drawing
  • Painting 1 – a focus on oil painting and color theory
  • Printmaking 1 – a survey of non-toxic printmaking approaches
  • 300 level studio – discover your conceptual language
  • Advanced Research in Studio – build a serious body of work


Student Art Work 1
Student Art Work 2
Student working on sidewalk chalk art
Student Art Work 4
Student Art Work 5
Student Art Work 6
Student Art Work 7
Student Art Work 8