Photography and New Media

The New Media and Photography Program encourages image-making strategies for visual and multimedia storytelling using lens-based production techniques to create still and moving images. Time-based explorations encourage students to push the boundaries of the medium through visual and critical practices. Emphasis is placed on analog film and digital photography, immersive and interactive multimedia installations, video and sound, performance, animation and computer generated artworks.Facilities include analog darkroom, Mac lab with large-format digital printers, and media production studio.


Photography and New Media Courses engage the student in a critical dialogue on art, photography, and the impact of contemporary new media practices on visual culture. Students of Photography immerse themselves in the practice of lens-based image making, using black-and-white film and digital photography. Course content emphasizes photography's potential for self­-expression and creative problem solving in an artistic context. Students gain a working knowledge and understanding of the language, technique, conceptual and aesthetic development, and photographic processes while advancing concepts of design, content, and expression as related with issues of photographic theory and criticism. 

Advanced Photography Students extend their visual practice by exploring experimental and spatial possibilities of the medium while advancing concepts of design, content, and expression through installation and and alternative processes.

Meta Culture

New Media Coursework encourages artistic expression through the study and practice of creative time-based and interactive artworks including multi-media installation, video, performance, and computer animation. Using the creative potential of digital technology, photo/video (lens-based) practices, audio/sound creation, design techniques, and large-format printing, students gain the ability to engage in a critical dialogue on art and new media while expanding awareness of new media’s history, contemporary practice, and role in visual culture. 


The Department of Art at MSUB is excited to announce progress toward developing a newBA in Art Tract, Interdisciplinary Photo Media Design, where students will explore the creative potential of Media Arts to communicate, collaborate, and engage socially integrated art forms. With emphasis on digital and spatial interactions, current curricular developments unite time-based media production with interdisciplinary design models.

Students interested in Photography, New Media, and Enhanced Media Arts Production and Design are encouraged to contact the Department of Art or Keeara Rhoades, Assistant Professor of Art,