Art history as an academic discipline involves the study of the visual arts within their specific historical, cultural and stylistic contexts.  Art historians examine how literature, economics, religion, science, philosophy and other cultural factors affect the making and reception of art.  The discipline encompasses all fields of visual art and culture, including painting, sculpture, the graphic arts, photography, architecture, film, performance, and digital media. 

Courses in art history comprise an integral component of all art major and minor options and are designed to develop visual as well as verbal and written literacy skills.  Students begin their art historical studies with an introductory course that surveys world art from prehistory to the present day.  More specialized courses and seminars follow in visual theory and criticism; the art of the Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Contemporary eras; and in such topics as the history of women in art and the art of the indigenous Americans. 

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art may choose to do an Area of Emphasis in art history.  Internships in museums and galleries and travel and study abroad opportunities are available and encouraged.   

Student posing in front of ancient structure
Student posing in front of ancient structure
Student posing before an ancient statue
Antler Art Work