Table of Contents

Part I. Foreword

  1. General Policy
  2. Misconduct Authority
  3. Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Retaliation
  4. University Name, Document, and Records
  5. Formulation and Review of Regulations

Part II. Rights and Responsibilities of Students in the Academic Community

  1. General Policy
  2. Student Rights
  3. Student Responsibilities
  4. Disruption or Obstruction of University Activities or Functions
  5. Affiliation
  6. Student Publications and Media
  7. Student Identification
  8. Financial Responsibility
  9. Financial Aid
  10. Health and Safety
  11. Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

Part III. Student Records

  1. General Policy
  2. Address of Record
  3. Student Access
  4. Records Not Accessible to Students
  5. Authorized Non-Student Access to Student Records

Part IV. Student Complaint Procedures

  1. General Procedures
  2. Access to Personal Records
  3. Traffic and Parking Complaints
  4. Financial Aid
  5. Race, National Origin, Sex, Age, or Religious Discrimination
  6. Student Employment
  7. Students with Disabilities
  8. Resident/Non-Resident Classification
  9. Student Resolution Officer
  10. Student Complaint Resolution Procedure

Part V. Chartering & Registration Procedures for Student Organizations

Part VI. Use of University Buildings, Space, Facilities, and Amplification Equipment and Feedom of Expression

  1. General Policy
  2. Building Reservation Requirements
  3. Campus Grounds Use (Student Union & Event Services Office 657-2387)
  4. General Procedures and Priorities for Designated Campus Facilities
  5. Appeals for Denial of Building Use Requests
  6. Freedom of Expression Policy
  7. Use of Amplification Equipment

Part VII. Posting of Advertisements, Printed Material, and Solicitation

  1. General Policy
  2. Posting of Advertisements, Printed Material, and Publicity
  3. Fund Raising and Solicitation (both on and off campus)
  4. Student Union
  5. Violations

Part VIII. Liquor Consumption on Montana State University Billings Campus

  1. Board of Regents Policy
  2. Montana State University Billings Liquor Consumption Policy and Guidelines

Part IX. Code of Conduct

Part X. Involuntary Withdrawal Policy

  1. Basis for Interim or Permanent Involuntary Health Withdrawal
  2. Referral for Evaluation
  3. Interim Action
  4. Involuntary Health Withdrawal
  5. Support at Hearings
  6. Readmission Procedures and Appeals

Part XI. Campus Departments

Part XII.  Academic Misconduct Code

Printer-Friendly Student Policies & Procedures Handbook