Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

The Administrative Services Division of Montana State University Billings consists of the Business, Finance, and Operations departments of the University. Administrative Services is comprised of the following areas:


Ms. Trudy Sipe Collins
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

This office is responsible for the leadership of the Administrative Services Division. It serves as the Chief Financial Office of the campus. All campus insurance is handled in this office as well as central contract review, central resources for state, federal, Board of Regents, rules, regulations, policies, and laws.


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Administrative Services Offices

Business Services
Director: Barb Shafer

Business Services is responsible for the University purchasing, accounts payable, cashiering, Perkins Loan Program management, accounts receivable, mail services, and printing services.


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Budget Office
Director: Trudy Sipe Collins

The Budget Office is responsible for internal and external budget development, monitoring and balancing. This office also serves as the University internal auditor.

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Facilities Services
Director: Jason McGimpsey

Facilities Services is responsible for all campus construction projects, architectural and engineering services needed by the University, grounds, repair and maintenance, custodial, and temperature control.

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 Financial Services

Director: Heather Hanna

Financial Services is responsible for accounting and financial reporting, payroll, grants and contracts management, internal campus recharges, property management, and cash and investment management.

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Human Resources

Director: Janet Simon

Human Resources is responsible for the University recruitment and retention of employees, benefits administration, employee and labor relations, equal employment opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Act, University training program, new employee orientation, affirmative action, and diversity.

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Risk Management and Safety Office
Coordinator: Adam Davis

Promoting a safe university environment and regulatory compliance through expertise and assistance.


University Police
Interim Chief: Adam Davis

The Campus Police are responsible for the safety and security of the campus as well as parking and the motor pool.

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Campus Insurance Issues & Forms
Coordinator: Trudy Sipe Collins

Insurance claims and general information regarding property and liability coverage are handled through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.


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