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University Police & Parking


University police respond to all criminal complaints and investigations occurring on university owned and leased property.  Other provided services to the university community include fire safety, parking enforcement, emergency management, fire code inspections, building safety, security and workplace safety.


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Emergency Notification System


This is a free emergency text messaging service. In the event of an emergency or severe weather conditions, a text message will be sent to the mobile number and/or your email address that you specify.

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Campus Alerts


Emergency notification information and updates are posted here. A RED ALERT emblem will also appear on the MSUB home page.


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Campus Advisories


An MSUB ADVISORY is a tier below the MSUB ALERT. An ADVISORY may be issued periodically when the nature of the issue is not immediate or life-threatening. Students will receive an ADVISORY via email. A YELLOW ADVISORY emblem will also appear on the MSUB home page.


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Reporting Sexual Violence


Students who are a victim or survivor of sexual assault/violence are strongly encouraged to report the assault. To report an assault, you have many different resources available to you.


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Phoenix Center

The Center provides a safe, confidential place on campus for survivors of sexual violence, offering support, advocacy, and resources, as well as a 24-hour Help Line.

Safety & Risk Management Directory


General Information 657-2147
Chemical Safety 657-2020
Fire/Life Safety 657-2147
Certificates of Insurance 657-1724
Ergonomics 657-1724
Property Loss Prevention 657-1724
Radiation Safety 657-2018
Workers' Comp 657-2278
Training & Development 657-1724



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