Joshua Tarango

Joshua Tarango, 28

Welding and Metal Fabrication, City College 

Burney, California


“I come from a broken home and I'm trying to keep myself and my family out of it," Joshua Tarango.   [...]

Megan Thomas

Megan Thomas

Interim Library Director & Reference and Assessment Librarian

Billings, Montana


“We encourage group work; this isn’t a quiet library. You won’t find a ‘shushing’ librarian here,” Megan Thomas.  [...]

Adam Zelka

Adam Zelka, 34

Bachelor of Science, 2005

Family Medical Physician at St. Vincent Healthcare and Associate Medical Director for Hospice Services, RiverStone Health

Hardin, Montana


“The support I received (at MSUB) was instrumental in my going on to medical school and pursuing my career today,” Adam Zelka  [...]

Scott Gorman

Scott Gorman


North Hollywood, California


Doing taxes is just a fun coincidence,” Scott Gorman  [...]

Erin Cozzens

Erin Cozzens, 21

Elementary Education

Fairview, Montana


“My drive is to be a bright light during a dark time, to make someone’s day better, Erin Cozzens. [...]


Conner Meron, 17

High School Connections

Walnut Creek, California


“A lot of our classmates don’t really understand what it takes to be successful at this level,” Conner Meron. [...]


Katie Meron, 16

High School Connections

Walnut Creek, California


“I like the fact these courses are getting me ready now,” Katie Meron [...]

Terri Haacke at the Jackets and Company campus store

Terri Haacke 
Cashier, Jackets & Company, MSUB

Billings, Montana


“I have a great rapport with so many people and enjoy seeing them nearly every day. I’m going to really miss that,” Terri Haacke. [...]

Lisa Kemmerer

Lisa Kemmerer

Professor of philosophy and religion, MSUB

Conway, Washington


“Study should be relevant outside the classroom," Lisa Kemmerer.  [...]

Dana Lubieniecki

Dana Ludieniedcki, 21

Health and Human Performance

Denver, Colorado 


“Billings is such a tight-knit community … when you help support people and then you see them at your games, that’s cool.”  [...]


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