MSUB  Library

Psychology and Educational Test Collection

The Test Collection has over 250 educational and psychological tests.  The tests may be located by searching the Library Catalog or by using the Finding Aid.


Directions for using the Library Catalog

Search the library catalog for tests located in the Test Library.  Use the title keyword search and search by the acronym or full name of the test, for example, WAIS or Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.


The record will say "sample test" if it is located in the test library.


To list all the tests located in the test library, do a title keyword search and type "sample test".


Directions for using the Finding Aid

The tests are divided into three categories: psychological tests, educational tests and business tests.  Click on a category for a complete listing of tests.

  1. Psychological Tests

  2. Educational Tests

  3. Business Tests

Directions for checking out tests from the Test Library

The library needs 24 hours' notice in order to pull and make available a test for checkout.  This applies for both faculty and students enrolled in relevant courses.  Please contact TyRee Jenks, the Test Collection Coordinator, at (406) 657-1654 or to make a test request.  Please include the name and call number of the test in your request.


Students must be enrolled in a related course in order to check out a test from the Test Library.  The student must obtain permission from their course instructor before making a test request.  Permission can be in the form of a phone call or email from the course instructor to TyRee Jenks identifying the student and giving authorization for the test request.  A signed note from the instructor presented at the time of checkout is also acceptable.


Faculty may request that a test be put on reserve for a course they are teaching.  To place a test on reserve the faculty member will fill out a Reserves Request Form as they do for all other reserves requests.


Check out times for tests varies depending on the test.


Contact Person: TyRee Jenks  657-1654