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Psychology Instruments

  1. Attention Deficit
    CRS-R: Conners Rating Scales-Revised (2 tests)

  2. Family
    Personal History Checklist - Adolescent
    Personal History Checklist - Adult

  3. Geropsychology

  4. Illness

  5. Intelligence
    ATFR: Arlin Test of Formal Reasoning
    BETA-R: Revised Beta Examination
    BETA-II: Revised Beta Examination-2nd Edition
    CMMS: Mental Maturity Scale
    Goodenough-Harris Drawing Test
    K-ABC: Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (2 tests)
    K-BIT: Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test
    K-SOS: Kaufman Sequential or Simultaneous
    MBA: Woodcock-McGrew-Werder Mini-Battery of Achievement
    Mental Status Checklist-Adult
    Minnesota Preschool Scale
    MPS: Merrill-Palmer Scale
    MSCA: McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities

    Otis Quick Scoring Mental Ability Tests
    Point Scale of Performance Tests-Revised
    PTI: Pictorial Test of Intelligence

    Ross Test of Higher Cognitive Processes
    SIT: Slosson Intelligence Test (4 tests)
    SITR: Intelligence Test-Revised
    SOMPRA: System of Multicultural Pluralistic Assessment
    Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale-4th Edition (2 tests)
    Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Form L-M (2 tests)

    TONI: Test of Nonverbal Intelligence
    WAIS: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (2 tests)
    WAIS-III: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-3rd Edition (2 tests)
    WAIS-R: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised (2 tests)
    WISC: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (3 tests)
    WISC-III: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-3rd Edition (2 tests)
    WISC-R: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (4 tests)

  6. Neuropsychology
    BMGT: Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test
    CVLT:California Verbal Learning Test Research Edition Adult Version
    QNST: Quick Neurological Screening Test
    Uzgiris and Hunt Scales of Infant Psychological Development

  7. Pain

  8. Pathology

    - Jesness Behavioral Checklist
    - KTSA: Kahn Test of Symbol Arrangement
    - Louisville Behavioral Checklist
    - MCMI-II: Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-II
    - MCMI-III: Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-III (2 tests)






- CDI: Children’s Depression Inventory
- HDI: Hamilton Depression Inventory (2 tests)

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse
- CDP: Comprehensive Drinker Profile

  1. Personality

    - HTP: House-Tree-Person Projective Technique
    - Rorschach Psychodiagnostic Test (2 tests)

- CAT: Children’s Apperception Test
- Personal Adjustment Inventory
- PIC: Personality Inventory for Children

Adolescent & Adult
- Blacky Pictures
- California Q-Set Personality Test
- CPI: Psychological Inventory
- FIRO-B: Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior
- HSPQ: High School Personality Questionnaire
- MACI: Adolescent Clinical Inventory (2 tests)
- MAPS: Make a Picture Story
- MBTI: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
- MMPI: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
- MMPI-2: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -2 (2 tests)
- MMPI-2 Revised: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 Revised
- MMPI-A: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent
- 16PF: Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire
- TAT: Thematic Apperception Test (Needs cataloging)(missing card in one packet) (need another manual)

- Edwards Assessment of Social-Sexual Skills

- CFSEI: Culture-Free Self-Esteem Inventories for Children & Adults







Education Instruments

  1. Academic Achievement
    ABLE: Adult Basic Learning Examination
    BASIS: Basic Achievement Skills Individual
    CAT: California Achievement Tests
    CBS: Criterion Test of Basic Skills
    DAB: Diagnostic Achievement Battery
    DATA: Diagnostic Achievement Test for Adolescents
    IOX Basic Skills Tests, Elementary Level
    K-TEA: Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (2 tests)
    MAST: Multilevel Academic Survey Test
    PREB: Pupil Record of Educational Behavior
    SBC: Survey of Basic Competencies
    WIAT-II: Weschler Individual Achievement Test-2nd Edition (2 tests)
    WJPEB: Woodcock-Johnson PsychoEducational Battery
    WJ-R: Woodcock-Johnson-Revised Tests of Achievement
    WJ-III: Woodcock-Johnson-3rd Edition Tests of Achievement

    WRAT: Wide Range Achievement Test
    WRAT-R: Wide Range Achievement Test-Revised Edition
    WRAT-3: Wide Range Achievement Test-3rd Edition (2 tests)
  2. Academic Aptitude
    Chicago Non-Verbal Examination
    OLSAT: Otis-Lennon School Ability Test

  3. Auditory Skills
    Tree Bee Test of Auditory Discrimination
  4. Behavior & Counseling
    - EAS: Estes Attitude Scales
    - Education Apperception Test
    - School Attitude Measures 4-6
    - School Attitude Measures 7-8
    - School Attitude Measures 9-12

Learning Styles
- LSIS: Learning Style Identification Scale


Behavior Problems
Analysis of Coping Styles
BBRS: Burks’ Behavior Rating Scale
BES: Behavior Evaluation Scale
BRP: Behavior Rating Profile
PPBC-R: Portland Problem Behavior Checklist- Revised
TOESD: Test of Early Socio-emotional Development
WPBIC: Walker Problem Behavior Identification Checklist



ISCS: Inferred Self-Concept Scale
MCI: Minnesota Counseling Inventory
PHCSCS: Piers-Harris Children’s Self-Concept Scale (2 tests)
TSCS: Tennessee Self Concept Scale


Study Skills

  1. Development & Readiness
    Birth to Three Developmental Scale
    BOEHM-R: Boehm Test of Basic Concepts-Revised Edition
    BSID: Bayley Scales of Infant Development (2 tests)
    Chicago Early Assessment and Remediation Laboratory
    CIP: Comprehensive Identification Process

    CLASS: Cognitive, Linguistic, and Social Communication Scales
    CSAB: Cognitive Skills Assessment Battery
    DABERON: Daberon Screening for School Readiness
    DASI: Developmental Activities Screening Inventory
    DDST-R: Denver Developmental Screening Test-Revised (2 tests)
    DIAL: Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning

    DP-II: Developmental Profile II
    MAP: Miller Assessment for Preschoolers
    MST: McCarthy Screening Test
    PAK: Piagetian Attainment Kit
    PAR: Preschool Attainment Record (2 tests)
    RIDES: Rockford Infant Developmental Evaluation Scales
    Smith-Johnson Nonverbal Performance Scale
    UPAS: Uniform Performance Assessment System

    VAB: Vulpe Assessment Battery
    VICTA: Valett Inventory of Critical Thinking Abillities
    WPSSI: Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence
    WPPSI-R: Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence-Revised
  2. English as a Second Language & Bilingual Education

  3. Fine Arts

  4. Foreign Language

  5. Guidance

- DAT: Differential Aptitude Test


- CAPS: Career Ability Placement Survey


- COPS Interest Inventory (no colon)
- KOIS: Kuder Occupational Interest Survey
- Kuder Preference Record – Vocational
- SDS: Self-Directed Search Form R – 4th Edition
- Strong Interest Inventory 
- SVIB-SCII: Strong Vocational Interest Blank-Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory
- VPI: Vocational Preference Inventory

  1. Health Education

  2. Industrial Arts

  3. Library Skills

  4. Mathematics

    - PMRT: Peabody Mathematics Readiness Test

- CRC Mathematics Assessment
- CRC Mathematics Strategies
- Kraner Tests of Mathematics Mastery
- TEMA: Test of Early Mathematics Ability


- TCP: Test of Computational Processes

  1. Motor Skills
    JLRRT: Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test
  2. Reading Language Arts & English

- CRC Reading Assessment
- CRC Reading Strategies
- DHA: Denver Handwriting Analysis
- DRS: Diagnostic Reading Scales
- Rick O’Shay Reading Kit
- SRA Basic Reading Series
- TERA: Test of Early Reading Ability
- TEWL: Test of Early Written Language


High School & College


- DARE: Diagnostic Analysis of Reading Errors
- DSPT: Diagnostic Spelling Potential Test
- ISRT: Iowa Silent Reading Tests
- SORT: Oral Reading Test SEE 1.5
- SORT-R: Oral Reading Test-Revised
- SRI: Standardized Reading Inventory
- TORC: Test of Reading Comprehension

  1. Religion

  2. Speech & Language

Aphasia, Dysarthria, & Dysphagia


Articulation and Phonolgy


Comprehensive Language
- ACLC: Assessment of Children’s Language Comprehension
- ALST: Adolescent Language Screening Test
- FLTA: Fullerton Language Test of Adolescents
- Fluharty-2: Fluharty Preschool Speech & Language Screening Test
- ITPA: Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities (3 tests)
- PLAI: Preschool Language Assessment Instrument
- PLS: Preschool Language Scale
- STACL: Screening Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language
- WLPB: Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery-English Form


Bateria Woodcock de Proficiencia en el Idioma


Fluency & Voice




NSST: Northwestern Syntax Screening Test


- CREVT: Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test
- EOWPVT: Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test
- PPVT: Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test
- PPVT-R: Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised
- ROWPVT: Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test
- TVIP: Test de Vocabulario en Imagenes Peabody

  1. School & Institutional Environments

  2. School Leadership

  3. Science



  1. Special Education

- PSR: Psychological S-R Evaluation for Severely Multiply Handicapped Children


- ASIEP: Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning
- CARS: Childhood Autism Rating Scale
- PEP: Psychoeducational Profile


Deaf & Hearing Impairment
- GAEL-P: Grammatical Analysis of Elicited Language-Pre-Sentence Level
- Hiskey-Nebraska Test of Learning Aptitude


Emotional Disturbance


Gifted & Talented
- TTCT-Verbal: Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking-Verbal


Learning Disabilities
- CAI: Career Assessment Inventories for the Learning Disabled
- DST: Decoding Skills Test
- FTEQ: Functional Time Estimation Questionnaire
- LDRP: Learning Disability Rating Procedure
- Pupil Rating Scale Revised
- Slingerland Screening Tests for Identifying Children with Specific Language


Mental Retardation
- ABI: Adaptive Behavior Inventory
- ABS: AAMR Adaptive Behavior Scale-School (2 tests)
- CAB: Career Adaptive Behavior Inventory
- CABS: Children’s Adaptive Behavior Scale
- Caine-Levine Social Competency Scale
- CBC: Camelot Behavioral Checklist
- CTAB: Comprehensive Test of Adaptive Behavior
- DASH: Developmental Assessment for the Severely Handicapped
- IBAS: Instructional Based Appraisal System
- PACG: Prevocational Assessment and Curriculum Guide
- PAIP: The Preverbal Assessment-Intervention Profile
- Pyramid Scales: Criterion-Referenced Measures of Adaptive Behavior in Severely Handicapped Persons (2 tests)
- San Francisco Vocational Competency Scale
- SPIB: Social and Prevocational Information Battery
- TARC: TARC Assessment System
- TMRSCS: TMR School Competency Scales
- Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-Interview Edition-Expanded Form
- Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-Interview Edition-Survey Form
- Vineland Social Maturity Scale


Visual Impairment

  1. Social Studies

  2. Teacher Attitude

  3. Visual Processing
    3-D Test for Visualization Skills
    Colour Vision Test Plates for the Infants
    Frostig Program for the Development of Visual Perception
    LET: Learning Efficiency Test
    MPD: Minnesota Percepto-Diagnostic Test Revised
    MVPT: Motor Free Visual Perception Test
    PPMS: Purdue Perceptual-Motor Survey
    SCSIT: Southern California Sensory Integration Tests
    Spatial Orientation Memory Test
    Standardized Road-MapTtest of Direction Sense
    Visual Discrimination Test
    VMI: Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration
    VMI-Revised: Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration
    VMI-3rd Revision: Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration

Business Instruments

  1. Attitudes

  2. General Aptitude
    BMCT: Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

  3. General Skills
    Purdue Pegboard Test

  4. Aptitude & Skills
    1. Banking
    2. Clerical
      - General Clerical Test
    3. Computer
    4. Customer Service
    5. Electrical
    6. Factory
    7. Health Services
    8. Insurance
    9. Mechanical
      - Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Tests
      - SDT: Stromberg Dexterity Test
    10. Municipal Services
    11. Sales
    12. Technical
  1. Interests
    WTI: Work Temperament Inventory

  2. Management

  3. Personality

  4. Team Skillls

  5. Work Environment