Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre PTTo practice as a physical therapist in the United States, you must earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from an accredited PT education program and pass a state licensure exam.  MSUB has all of the necessary course work to prepare students to apply to DPT programs.  MSUB students have attended some of the most well-known DPT programs in the country such as Washington University St. Louis, University of Utah, Massachusetts General Hospital, U.S. Army-Baylor,  and Mayo, as well as a dozen other universities.


DPT programs are very competitive and requirements vary.  Most MSUB students who wish to pursue a DPT program complete a degree in health and human performance, but no particular degree is required.  As part of their bachelor's degree, students generally need to complete pre-requisite course work to include biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, physics, psychology, statistics, writing, and ethics courses prior to applying to DPT programs.    


Students will need to obtain information from the DPT program that interests them, and, in consultation with their advisor, develop a plan of study to meet the specific requirements of the college of their choice.  Because competition for acceptance into the DPT programs is intense, students should maintain a strong grade point average, have experience in the field, be knowledgeable of the application deadlines for the schools of choice, and apply to several schools. 


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