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College of Education

The College of Education is dedicated to: 

If you are interested in becoming an elementary or secondary teacher, are already a licensed teacher interested in learning new concepts and strategies, or are interested in an advanced degree connected to education, we can help!


Our faculty members are excellent teacher educators who are involved in research and partnerships with local and regional schools. We will help you plan your program of study, offer research-based instruction, and link your learning on campus to the public school classroom.


Students find the combination of theoretical and practically oriented classes help them develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable them to become effective and successful educators. School administrators throughout the West seek out MSU Billings education graduates because of their reputation for being well prepared and innovative teachers.


SarahSarah E. Radovich
2018 Outstanding Undergraduate
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TianaTiana Hansen
2017 Outstanding Undergraduate
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MirandaMiranda McNeil
2017 Outstanding Undergraduate
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