Be Money Smart

Manage Money - for Success in College & Beyond

The following resources will help you manage your money and be successful – both during college and after graduation.

Montana University System

Montana University System & MSUB Resources


Manage Money

Financial Education for Working Montanans

Solid Finances recorded webinars and information sheets, which are produced by the MSU Extension Office in Bozeman, provide valuable information for working Montanans on topics such as investing, retirement, student loan repayment, and protection against financial fraud.

Save Money

Is there Money, Success, and Happiness in Your Future?


Looking for financial independence and security? Need to manage debt or reduce stress? A spending plan (aka budget) and savings account can help you create the future you want. Budgeting and saving helps you achieve your goals and dreams and gives you security and peace of mind.  If you are not paying all your bills or putting money into savings, you might be living beyond your means.

Manage Money

Financial Stress, Hardship & Emergencies


College students are often stressed about finances, and some students may experience an unforeseen financial difficulty or crisis situation.  Click on the picture for examples of financial stress and hardship situations and follow the links to campus and community resources.