Associated Students of MSU Billings

2017 Fall Candidates

Election Dates: September 19-20, 2017

Polls open:  September 19th at 8am
Polls close:  September 20th at 5pm


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Senator-at-Large (University campus)



Mackenzie Breeden

My name is Mackenzie Breeden and I am running for Senator-at-large.  I feel like I am best for this position, as I served all four years of high school as my class President and also as our ASB Executive Council Treasurer.  I would like to be more involved to make MSUB the best place that it can be. Thank you for your consideration.



Halle Keltner

Public service and community involvement are two of my greatest passions.  As a student here at MSUB, I feel it is my obligation to do my best to ensure that my fellow students have the most positive and impactful college experience possible.  This includes making sure the needs of students are met, and that they have access to the interworkings of our university.  I would love the opportunity to use my past experience as a student senator, my knowledge on the Financial Board, and my passion for public service to benefit every student attending MSUB.  I’m here to help.



Aurora Krebs

I want to bring social-minded awareness (as in programs for underprivileged individuals) to the forefront.  I want to listen to the needs of people and problem-solve to find solutions.  I want to help bring in students so that we can have more funding and class sections to accommodate more schedules.



Jasmine Martin

My primary goal while participating in Student Government is to stress the importance of becoming campus involved.  Whether this is through showing support for various teams on campus, or attending club organized events; integrating oneself amongst peers is extremely essential to establishing connections for future endeavors.  I would also like to provide a multitude of options to reinforce healthy living through eating, as well as becoming active in student body life.  To do this I hope to focus efforts on campus organizations that promote student activity and healthy student living.



Shimmeri Selph

As a Senator-at-large, I want to be more involved and help make the campus better for students.  My goal is to help enhance MSUB student’s college experiences by increasing their involvement on campus and in the community.  The key is to make students want to get involved by giving them a voice in the activities they want to participate in.  I want to learn to become a better leader by speaking up and taking initiative to find out what students want and the action to speak on their behalf.


Freshman Senators (University Campus)



Christian Bautista

Student Electorate, The reason for my application to the ASMSUB Student Government lies in my beliefs for constant improvement.  MSUB has the capability to be a greater college than its current structure-and for this to be realized, it requires not only the effort of staff, but a genuine attempt on from students as well.  As part of the ASMSUB Student Government, I will actively listen to my peers on their concerns for the University, promptly notify other student Senators of these concerns; and in my spare time, reflect on what needs to be changed for a more cohesive student body.


RosieRosie Beisecker

My name is Rosie Beisecker, I am from Great Falls, and my major is criminal justice. I am running for a freshman senator position.  I am running for this position so I can serve my fellow students so their voices can be heard.


LouisLouis Luckay

Hello, my name is Louis Luckay and I’m running for the opportunity to represent the freshman class in one of three positions for Freshman Senator. I’m from Bozeman and currently studying pre-med. Everyone asked why I moved from Bozeman to Billings; my answer is simple, "The people here are genuine and kind that don't want something from you and I wanted to attend a school where the students are not looked at as a number along with a much higher professor to student ratio." I’m here because I want to be here and be the voice for all you freshmen.


JacobJacob Reed

I am just a person looking for fun and interested in meeting the faculty.


City College Senator(s)


JonathanJonathan Hunt

In my time as a student at City College, I have pursued academic excellence.  After having achieved this, my goal is to provide support to students around me.  This type of support and the desire to help others achieve success in school and afterward is one of my main goals. If elected, it would be my man focus to provide a voice for the City College student body. I would seek to raise awareness of relative internships, apprenticeships and post-graduate careers for students. I believe that student retention is relative to local job placement, and any way in which my skills as a leader could benefit the local community and MSUB are henceforth offered.