Associated Students of MSU Billings

2018 Spring Candidates

Election Dates: March 21-22, 2018

Polls open:  March 21st at 8am
Polls close:  March 22nd at 5pm


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President/Vice President Candidates





 Halle Keltner
As a member of the Student Government, I have learned what an integral role we play in the University System.  I have seen past administrations accomplish great achievements for students, and I want to be a part of that legacy.  I would appreciate the opportunity to take my passion, commitment, and love for our University one step further and serve as your student body president.  If elected, I will prioritize engagement on campus and help maintain the strong sense of community we have.  Together, we will work to build a brighter experience for all members of the MSUB community.


Vice President



Savannah Merritt
During my time at MSUB I have been in many leadership roles around campus; I currently serve as the ASMSUB Student Resolution Officer.  I have a passion for this campus and the things that can be achieved here and I hope to share that with all students.  Strengthening the relationships between all areas on campus is a big concern and goal of mine; to ensure that students can have the most memorable experience here, while being able to know what higher decisions being made and being able to utilize the resources for them.


Senator-at-Large (University campus)



Christian Bautista
I would like to serve as a Senator to represent students’ best interests to faculty, staff and administration.  I have a unique background as a first-generation immigrant with previous leadership and student senate experience.  With your vote, I will make sure student perspectives are acknowledged with every change Montana State University Billings makes.  I am a person that loves to take initiative on university issues and by being a part of student government, I will add value to the university.  With your vote, I promise to always represent the college with integrity, solidarity, and high morality.  Thank you.



Brenna Beckett
As an experienced senator, should I be elected I will contribute to my role in student government.  Advocating students’ rights to their opinions, prevalence in student government, and potential to incite active change campus-wide, I will reflect and stand firm in the beliefs of myself and my peers.  Being involved in various campus activities and organizations, including athletics (track and field), Jacket Student Ambassadors, Band, and MSUB’s LEAD Program, I have connections with a broad spectrum of students, and will inquire and attain their opinions on impactful issues.



Mackenzie Breeden
My name is Mackenzie Breeden and I am running for Senator-at-Large.  I feel as if I am best for this position due to my involvement with student government during High School all four years and during the 2017 fall semester on ASMSUB.  As an ASMSUB Senator, I was able to collaborate with my peers and faculty on campus to make the Yellowjacket experience a great one.  My goal before I was a Senator was to get more involved on campus, and I am thankful that I get to represent the voice of other students on campus.  Thank you for your consideration.




Taylor Kurkoski
I am a Senator Spring 2018 semester as well being very involved on campus.  I was an OPL for the 2017 year and participate in JSA, Honors, and LEAD, while also maintaining a job at Jackets & Co. and Victoria’s Secret. I want to continue being a senator because I want the opportunity to learn and grow with the school as well as continuing to be involved while helping other students be more involved.


JordanJordan Neff
I have been on the Senate for 4 semesters now. While being on Senate is challenging at times I am able to learn leadership skills to help later.  While on Senate I am able to be the voice of the student body alongside every else who is running.


SariSari Robertus
A position on the ASMSUB student government would allow me an opportunity to represent the MSUB student body and be a part of the momentum that spurs positive change on campus.  One area I would address if elected is student involvement on campus.  As a leader in Student United Way, I have observed the number of engaged students steadily drop from semester to semester.  The opportunities for MSUB students to be involved both on campus and in the Billings community are abundant.  I believe that such involvement would enrich the collegiate experience of our students, as it has mine.


KaelenKaelen Shay
My name is Kaelen Shay, I’m a Billings Senior graduate, Accounting Major, and MSUB Track & Field athlete.  As a student, I understand how important it is for your voice to be heard and seeing action to match it.  My first two years at MSUB I served as one of your Senators doing exactly that-listening, talking, and working toward a solution.  This past year I served as your Business Manager doing much of the same in a slightly different capacity.  As we continue working toward our common and individual goals, I will continue to bring all the knowledge and experience I have to fulfill the duties of this position.  Truly, it would be an honor to serve you again.


CourteneyCourteney Shovlin
I am currently a sophomore studying History and Political Science.  I joined ASMSUB last year in hopes of becoming more involved on campus.  Being a senator has given me the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on students, and I truly hope I am able to continue to do so.  If elected, I hope to serve our student population even more, to make everyone’s experience here at MSUB both meaningful and memorable.



City College Senator(s)


FarrahFarrah Garman
I just want to help benefit my campus and community.