Associated Students of MSU Billings

2016 Fall Candidates

Election Dates: September 20-21, 2016

Polls open:  September 20th at 8am
Polls close:  September 21st at 5pm


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Senator-at-Large (University campus)



Mariah Cattaneo
I would like to raise environmental awareness on our campus.  I work in the library and would like to be more involved on campus.




Patrick Fielding
My name is Patrick Fielding.  I am a junior pursing a Human Services major.  I was born in England but I grew up in Walnut Creek, California.  My goal is to represent the students and residents at MSUB in the best possible way.




Scott Gorman
no platform




Cody McCracken
As another election year approaches you will be heading to the polls to select the individuals that will lead our nation.  From the national level, to this universities elections you will be looking to elect a hard working individual who will fight for you.  I, Cody McCracken, am that individual.  From my lifetime of community service, to my experience working on a number of campaigns I have a potent blend of knowledge and passion.  I will work tirelessly to ensure that every student has a voice in how their valuable college experience unfolds.  Vote for Cody McCracken, your collegiate future.



Darryn Lombard

Megan Senn
I believe advocating for the non-traditional student is something that needs to be addressed.  I also believe programs specifically designed for parents who are currently attending would enable students to have a stronger foundation to finish their degree, as well as thrive at MSUB.  Please help me represent the non-traditional students of MSUB.




Amelia Marquez
As your Senator-at-Large, I promise to fight for progressive reform and equality throughout our campus. Our students should get a quality education without paying more than any other school in the state of Montana.  Fighting to keep tuition from being raised will be at the top of my priority list.  Students are working full time as well as going to classes full time. We must fight together to give great work study jobs on campus.  Finally, student organizations are the core of our campus.  We will continue to progressively battle for funding for all organizations across campus.


Freshman Senator (University campus)


JustinJustin Smith
Hello fellow students of MSUB, my name is Justin Smith and I am running for the office of Freshman Senator. I look forward to meeting, bonding, and sharing many memories with you over the next four years on our journey to pursue our dreams.  I believe volunteering and community involvement are very important aspects of life. I will also be a voice for the people, a friendly face you can always count on to bring up an issue, or an idea you are having to the student government. I would be happy to answer any questions through E-mail:



Jordan Neff
I am a very outgoing person who enjoys helping others.  I listen, hardly speak up unless asked.  I want to help more people and students.  By being a freshman senator, I have that opportunity.


SavannahSavannah Merritt
Hi, my name is Savannah Merritt and I am a freshman this year.  I participated in student government my senior year of high school and I was the senior class vice president.  I absolutely loved being in a position with a little responsibility and authority.  It helped me grow as a person and allowed me to make a difference for my school.  I wish to continue participating in student government here at MSUB so I can continue to grow as a person while also doing my best to make MSUB a better community.


OliviaOlivia Mahon
Teamwork and social skills are what if takes to be successful. I, Olivia Mahon could make can impact in Student Government.  I have had four years of previous experience in public speaking. Crowds large or small, I have seen them all.  I am also a cheerleader.  Being in cheer has taught me how to work with people around me, support my team and get everyone excited.  I can apply these skills to student government.  I would be a highly motivated senator and do my best to make a positive impact. I want to make a difference at my school.


Graduate Senator (University campus)

No applicants


City College Senator

No applicants