Associated Students of MSU Billings

2017 Spring Candidates

Election Dates: March 22-23, 2017

Polls open:  March 22nd at 8am
Polls close:  March 23rd at 5pm


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President/Vice President Candidates


Katelyn Focht/Chelsie Coomber



Katelyn Focht

During my college career at MSUB, I have served the students through Student Government in many leadership roles. Through my time at MSUB, I have been able to form relationships, worked with other clubs and organizations on campus, and understand the needs of our students. Chelsie and I want to better the connection between student government and other student organizations on campus, while also maintaining a strong connection with City College and our administrators. We hope to make ASMSUB a resource for all of our students. We believe that together we can achieve greatness for our students.


Chelsie Coomber

I have served the students through student government for the past three years at MSUB. Through this experience I have established relations with student clubs and organizations. My journey has allowed me to represent the students of MSUB in many leadership roles which I will continue in my final year. Katelyn and I understand the needs of our students on campus and are determined to strengthen the connection between student government and other student organizations on campus, while also maintaining a strong connection with City College and our administrators. We believe that together we can achieve greatness for our students.

Cody McCracken/Kennedee Burk



Cody McCracken

As another election year approaches you will be heading to the polls to select the individuals that will lead our nation. From the national level to this university’s elections you will be looking to elect a hard working individual who will fight for you. I, Cody McCracken, am that individual. From my lifetime of community service, to my experience working on a number of campaigns I have a potent blend of knowledge and passion. I will work tirelessly to ensure that every student has as voice in how their valuable college experience unfolds. Vote for Cody McCracken.


Kennedee Burk

I have been honored to serve as the ASMSUB vice president for the 2016-2017 school year, and I would be honored to do it again. If I am elected, I will continue to push for transparency from faculty and staff to students of MSUB. I will continue to push for affordable education and advocate for our diverse student population. I will also continue to fight for MSUB’s voice to be heard as an individual institution in the Montana University System, and advocate for what is best for MSUB students, faculty, and staff.


Senator-at-Large (University campus)



Michael Baker
I am a current ASMSUB senator and a Junior in the Mass Communications program. I have already finished my Process Plant Technology program at City College and love involving students at City College more and being the voice for them. I am also a reporter for The Retort and an Ex-Officio representative. I am an active student around the university and am always looking forward to what’s best for MSUB.



Brenna Beckett

As a non-political science major, I will be a voice for those in the same position. Advocating students’ rights to their opinions and prevalence in student government, I will reflect and stand firm in the beliefs of myself and my peers. Being involved in various campus activities and organizations, including athletics (track and field), Jacket Student Ambassadors, Band and MSUB’s LEAD program, I have connections and broad spectrum of students, and will inquire and attain their opinions on impactful issues. Personally, I haven’t been aware of what Student Government does regularly, so I intend to publicize that as well.



Shayla Garman
I am a Junior here at MSUB where I currently work for the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. I love this campus and everything that goes on when it comes to student activities such as basketball games, where I watch my friends play or SAB events where we can sing karaoke or paint and drink coffee for a few examples. I want to become more active part at MSUB and I believe I would be an excellent choice for Senator-at-large.



Zachary Gray

I would be a great candidate for MSUB Senator because of my active role in school. Throughout my time at MSUB I have become involved in my departments as well as athletics. I also am passionate for work in the Native American community and I know I can offer that to my candidacy. I will run a clean election, run for my peers, and represent them fairly and stand up for them when needed. I come from a diverse background with many experiences that will help me make the decisions that a person of this power will need to make.



Halle Keltner

Public service and community involvement are two of my greatest passions. As a student here at MSUB, I feel it is my obligation to do my best to ensure that my fellow students have the most positive and impactful college experience possible. This includes making sure the needs of students are met, and that they have access to the interworking’s of our university. I would love the opportunity to use my past experience as a student senator, my knowledge on the Financial Board, and my passion for public service to benefit every student attending MSUB. I’m here to help.



Olivia Mahon

Teamwork, social skills and confidence is what makes a great leader. I, Olivia Mahon feel that I can make an excellent senator. I have previous experience as a senator and four years of public speaking. I will keep the best interests of the student body, and inspire others to become active with their Student Government. I am highly motivated to make a positive impact at MSUB and make changes for the better.


SavannahSavannah Merritt

I am currently an out of state freshman aiming for a major in chemistry. I am currently involved in ASMSUB, the LEAD Program, and Intervarsity. I’m a member of the track team and I am the track representative on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. I had the privilege to be one of three freshman senators this past school year and believe I made a difference on campus through the concerns expressed to me by students. In this new school year, I would like the opportunity to continue representing the study body while being a senator-at-large.



Jordan Neff
I am currently a Senator and would enjoy being able to continue to help be a voice for the students of MSUB. I would enjoy being able to help get more students involved with on campus and off campus activities. I enjoy being able to help make a difference not only for myself but for everyone else as well.


ShimmeriShimmeri Secrist

As Senator-at-large for a second year, I want to continue making the campus better for students. I want to help students get more involved on campus and in the community. I want to continue my goals of being a better leader and communicator. I want to take action and speak on the students behalf at MSUB!


KaelenKaelen Shay

To all: My name is Kaelen Shay. I’m a Billings Senior graduate and MSUB Track & Field athlete. Over the past 2 years I have severed as one of your Senators. As I have attended both The Global Leadership Summit and Summit Ministries, I will bring all the knowledge and experience I have to fulfill the duties of this position. Truly, It would be an honor to serve you again by listening to you and acting as a voice for your wants, concerns, needs and other matters.


CourteneyCourteney Shovlin

I’m a freshman in the Political Science realm. I hope to find out if I would be interested in a life directly in the public eye as a full time politician/representative. I’ve always been interested in politics and government. I know student government isn’t the same as what I would experience while being an actual politician, but I think it would give me a great experience to help shape my future career. I believe participating in student government would give me the ability to make a lasting impact while allowing me to discover myself as a political science major.


TaylorTaylor Tokach



City College Senator(s)


MarthaMartha Beaumont



WillWill Moody

I can help the college to get more money for the sports in college and for the buses. I’m taking coaching to be a coach for high school. We can do fund raising for the sports at MSU Billings.


no photo availableAyrial Wells