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Vote!2016 Spring Candidates

Election Dates: March 22-March 23, 2016

Polls open:  March 22nd at 8am
Polls close:  March 23rd at 5pm

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Greg Dicharry
Hello to my fellow students of MSUB.  My name is Greg Dicharry and I am running for the ASMSUB President.  A question I was asked when I said I was going to run was why do you want to be president. I replied by saying, “I’m not running to build up my resume, I am running to get the ASMSUB name out there so that the students know we exist and have clubs working together.  I want students to  know that they could come to us with questions or concerns and feel heard because every student’s voice matters.

Vice President

Kennedee Burk
If I’m elected as your ASMSU Billings Vice President my promise to you is to make ASMSUB more transparent to the student body.  My goal is to work closely with MSU Billings clubs and student organizations to create strong unity and community between ASMSUB, student clubs and organizations and the student body.  I plan to have an open door policy where students can come to me with questions and concerns regarding ASMSUB and know that they will be handled with the utmost respect and dignity.  I want students to know that we are here and care about you and MSUB.

Senator-at-large (University campus)

Chelsie Coomber
I’m Chelsie Coomber, a current student senator-at-large here at MSUB.  As a business finance major I have had a great experience serving on the financial board of student government.  I love being a part of making our university more enjoyable for everyone and voting on behalf of the students.  The past two years serving as a senator have been such a rewarding experience and I hope to continue serving the students of our campus next year as senator-at-large.
Miglena Ivanova
As a senator, I believe I will have the opportunity to advocate for the interests and ideas of a broad range of students to improve involvement on campus, academics, athletics, and diversity.  As an international student, I will bring a new perspective to the table.
Victor Rel
I’m very interested to find out how the system works and would like to find out if I can make a difference.
Shimmeri Secrist
As a Senator-at-Large, I want to be more involved and help make the campus better for students.  My goal is to help enhance MSUB student’s college experiences by increasing their involvement on campus and in the community.  The key is to make students want to get involved by giving them a voice in the activities they want to participate in.  I want to learn to become a better leader by speaking up and taking initiative to find out what students want and the action to speak on their behalf.
Darryn Lombard
As Senator and representative for the student body, more specifically the students of the Music and Business departments, I stand for representing the constituents of these departments and voting according to what the students want.  I stand to create a bridge of communication between the student body and student government that is fully-functional, as well as increase campus pride, and implement these changes that will last for generations to come.
Kaelen Shay
To all; my name is Kaelen Shay.  I am a local Billings Senior graduate and MSUB track athlete.  This past year I served as one of your freshman senators.  As I have attended both Summit Ministries and The Global Leadership Summit I will bring all I know and have to face any challenge presented in this position.  Truly, it would be an honor to serve you again by listening to you and being a voice for your wants, concerns, needs and other matters.
Thomas Spencer
As Senator-at-Large, I will bring a voice to the students of MSUB.  I will use my best judgement, derived from my historical and political science background, to determine the best course of action for this institution.

City College Senator

Hallie Keltner
I stand for creating a positive learning experience and inspiring academic excellence in the City College community.  I work hard to listen to the needs of my fellow students and make it my priority to see that those needs are adequately met.  I have a passion for engaging myself and others in community involvement.  I am here to help. 

Questions and solutions that I would pursue as a senator would be:

1.  How can we further engage non-traditional students in the pursuit of academic excellence?
2.  How can we better retain and facilitate under-resourced students?

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