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Vote!2015 Fall Candidates

Election Dates: Sept. 16-17, 2015

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Senator-at-Large Candidates

Kaja L. Anderson
I am currently in my second year as President of the Inter-Tribal Indian Club on the MSUB campus.  Previously I was the Administrative Director of the club.  I hope to be able to bring a different perspective of thinking to the ASMSUB Student Government.  I am a Native American, non-traditional student with two girls at home.  A wife of a veteran and a memory of being a traditional student.
Gage Kushner
I am looking forward to being more involved on campus and connecting with other people who enjoy school.
Shelby Martinell
I love Senate!
Matthew Rich
I hope to continue the work I’ve done with veterans, while expanding to work with the entire campus population.  With your efforts we can continue making MSU Billing our home and a brighter future for all.
Raymond Smith
Campus Involvement
*Moral support
Scott Gorman
My name is Scott Gorman (sophomore), and I am an Accounting major here at MSUB.  As a non-traditional student, I bring real world perspective to the university classroom, which, when combined with new student ideas, will create a better atmosphere for all of us as peers.  I am very active on campus, work well with others, and will ensure that all resources are being used in a way that promotes a better education experience for students, no matter what their age may be.  I look forward to serving within the student government here on campus.

Freshman Senator Candidates

Kaelen Shay
To all, my name is Kaelen Shay and I will be an incoming freshman this fall semester.  I am a local Billings Senior graduate.  During high school I was a two-sport athlete and graduated in the top fifth of my class.  I have attended The Global Leadership Summit and other leadership conferences.  I want to better MSUB and will bring all I have and know to face any challenge presented in that process.  It would be an honor to serve the MSUB student body by listening to, and being a voice for their concerns, wants, needs and other matters.
John Maxwell IV
As a Freshman Senator Candidate, I am running for the experience of leading our class’s voice to be heard in our school’s governmental body that will delegate our issues in a professional and persuasive manner for the betterment of our educational experience.  In doing so, our second to fourth year in college can be lead with experienced Senators that can promote real change in the face of faculty policies that may be in conflict with our students.  As a candidate I would be obligated to promote all events that students wish to host on campus that require funding and planning.
Michelle Anderson
As a freshman senator, my goal will be to promote student activities and keeping this campus magnificent.  I believe getting involved on campus will create a better college experience and I want to make that easier for my fellow classmates.
Colin Buck
Throughout my high school career I held several offices.  Three out of the four years I was a member of the Student Council, senior year holding the office of Vice President.  Senior year I also held the offices of:  Secretary of C-Club, Reporter for the local Family Career and Community Leaders of America chapter (FCCLA), and editor for the school paper.  I attended Close-Up as a junior and I was also a Boys State Delegate.  I also held leadership positions in sports, being captain of the basketball team for two years

Graduate Senator Candidate

Daysi Bellota
I am a Psychology major in my second year of graduate school.  I want the graduate programs to continue to evolve and thrive in the MSUB community.

*Represent you and ensure that your ideas and opinions influence the direction of the Student Government

*Bring ideas to ASMSUB that will help all graduate students and undergraduate students who are considering to pursue a graduate program at MSUB

By electing me as your graduate senator, you will enable us to make important progress and ensure that your voice will be heard and you will never be out of the loop.

City College Senate Candidates


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