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Vote!2015 Spring Elected Candidates

President/Vice President

Sonja Choriki
During my college career at MSUB, I have served the students through Student Government in many leadership roles. With this experience, I have formed numerous relationships, worked with many organizations, and understand the needs of the students here on our campus. Baudry and I want to better the connections between student organizations and our administrators while engaging our fellow students on all levels- individual, organizational, and as a collective student body. We believe that together, everyone achieves more and that only together can we accomplish greatness.


Baudry Metangmo
During my three years at MSUB, I have held a leadership position as a resident assistant and have served as an officer in many organizations.  I have experienced the struggle of starting and leading a new organization, fundraising, and coordinating events. This is why Sonja and I want to use our experience to create connections and cooperation between student organizations and make ASMSUB a resource for all students. We believe that together, everyone achieves more and that only together can we accomplish greatness.

Senator-at-Large Candidates (University campus)

Chelsie Coomber
I’m Chelsie Coomber, a current student senator-at-large here at MSUB. As a business major I have had a great experience serving on the financial board of student government. I love being a part of making our university more enjoyable for everyone and voting on behalf of the students’ interests. The past two semesters serving as a senator have been such a rewarding experience and I hope to continue serving the students on our campus next year as a senator-at-large.
Greg Dicharry
Hi, my name is Greg Dicharry and I’m from Willows, California. In high school I was a three sport athlete, Junior class Vice President, Senior class President and in the top seven in GPA in my graduating class. I am a freshman this year and I have been involved in the Experience Leadership Project and on the Senate this semester. If I am elected I will make sure that we get more student activities and make time here for MSUB students more enjoyable. So Vote me Greg Dicharry to be Senator-at-large for the next school year.
Katelyn Focht
My name is Katelyn Focht. In the next academic school year 2015-16, I will be a junior at MSUB. I had the honor of serving as a senator with the ASMSUB for three semesters of school.  I have enjoyed being involved with my peers at MSUB.  In my term as a senator, I have been involved with the public relations committee.  I love organizing and participating in community volunteer work. I am here to make your college experience better! I strive to be a leader on campus. I promise to do my best to get the MSUB students’ voices heard.
Alan Loomis
My name is Alan Loomis. I am attending MSUB for business management with a minor in accounting. I am running for the school senate.  The senate has the responsibility to listen to the students it represents. Listen and then act in a way that represents what was said.  I want to encourage you to bring your concerns to me. The reason why I am running for this position, is I want to make a positive impact for the students of MSUB.  I am asking for your vote and together we can make a positive impact for MSUB and its students.
Rachel McKinney
I have always enjoyed being involved and active in school. Currently I am a Jacket Student Ambassador and chairperson for JSA’s Community/group involvement. I also have three jobs on and off campus. I would like to serve the students of MSUB again as a Senator. I have learned this semester what we do as a Senate and for the student body, especially with budgets and how they try to impact student cost as little as possible. I think our college should continue to work for us and I’d like to hear what you think would improve your experience at MSUB.
Wyatt Powell
My hope for becoming a Senator-at-large is that I may, in my own small way, represent the student body and improve the lives of said body.  Moving into the future, MSUB will definitely progress and change from what it is right now into something altogether better than it was before, and if elected I will do my part to aid in that change.  So let’s make some things happen.
Alex Shin
I enjoy this campus and hope to represent the diverse groups and individual people.  My involvements are Education, Recreation, Volunteering, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, International Students, and Track and Field.  Currently, I am a senator and I am looking forward to serve MSUB campus and its students.

City College Senator Candidate

Kyla Chamberlain
My name is Kyla Chamberlain and I am running for student senator for MSU Billings City College for various reasons.  College to me is about taking new risks, doing different things, and meeting different people.  I want to become more involved with my school so I can achieve those goals.  Along with that I want to make a difference in this university.  I want to speak out for my fellow students, and I want to hear what they want changed for the better and I want to grant that to them.

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