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The field of Women’s Studies is interdisciplinary, sourcing from anthropology, art, education, history, literature, psychology, and sociology, among others. The curriculum reflects this orientation.

The minor in Women’s Studies will prepare students for occupational and societal success across a range of fields including, but not limited to: Art and Literature, communications, Philosophy, History, Education, Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice, Native American Studies, social Work and Counseling, Advocacy, Community Organization, Public Relations, Public Administration, Languages, Economics, Math, and Biological and Physical Sciences. 

The core courses for the minor are offered on a regular basis and each semester a new list of electives are available for students. 

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Plan of Study

Jane Dahle Memorial Women’s Studies Scholarship

Award: Number of awards varies, ranging in value from $100 to $250 per semester. Available to female students who exhibit the potential and dedication to succeed; must have financial need. For additional information and application contact Dr. Jennifer Lynn, Assistant Professor of History, at 406-657-2922 or via email at jennifer.lynn1@msubillings.edu;or, Dr. Joy Honea, Associate Professor of Sociology, at 406-657-2996 or via e-mail at jhonea@msubillings.edu.

Image above: WGCS student printing t-shirts