Additional information for employees is available on the MSUB intranet. To login to the intranet use your university login credentials, e.g. email address or NetID and associated password.

The MSU Billings Administration & Finance Division offers spring and fall training opportunities for all MSUB faculty and staff members.  We offer training from the following departments:  Budget, Business Services, Facilities Services, Financial Services & Payroll, Human Resources, Information Technology, & University Police.


Jacket Success - Employee Training

The next training will be Fall 2024.


Visit the Jacket Success employee intranet page for training material.


Administration and Finance 

Who We Are 

The Administration and Finance team is an exceptional service-oriented workforce that supports the university's academic mission -- teaching, research and public service. 

We oversee a wide range of campus business processes. We negotiate and process campus business contracts, administer staff policy development, provide financial accounting and control services, administer employment and benefit services, manage the employee payroll process, and make sure our campus bills get paid. We operate campus insurance programs, oversee claim and litigation services, and provide a control and accountability program that enhances our stewardship philosophy. We pursue an enterprise-wide risk management environment that allows our staff to seek ways to increase opportunities and reduce risks. 

We assist students with the financial aspects of attending the University.  We collect tuition/fees, room/board, and all other misc. charges.  We distribute excess financial aid and payroll earnings.  We cash checks and are always happy to answer any questions. 

We provide the capability to perform many transactions online.  Payments on account, disbursal of payroll and refund checks, and the viewing of paycheck information and tax forms can all be completed electronically. We communicate information and important due dates through our website and through emails. 

We keep the facilities operating by attending to heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, installing and fixing equipment, and performing maintenance and repair services. 

We support the people of our campus by providing safe, comfortable, and attractive facilities and grounds.  We take pride in providing a clean environment. 

We support all campus departments by providing business, employee and facilities support services.  

We value a work environment that promotes recognition and respect. We understand the benefit to the entire campus when employees are given the services and resources they need to succeed. We encourage staff training and development; provide an employee assistance program and workers' compensation services. We administer employee benefits. 

We are proud of the services and expertise we provide to support Montana State University Billings and encourage our campus partners to participate in training opportunities designed to help you succeed in meeting your responsibilities.   Please participate, ask questions, learn, share, and network with others from around the university,


view of the center of the MSUB University campus