Delegation allows one Webex Meetings user to become a delegate for another Webex Meetings user for the purposes of scheduling meetings on one's behalf. This is a two step process that involves some action from both users.

  • The person being scheduled on behalf of needs to add the scheduler as a delegate.
  • The person scheduling the meeting can then choose to schedule on behalf of him/her.


Adding a delegate

Add a delegate to Webex Meetings if you plan on having an assistant or someone else handle the scheduling of your Webex meetings.

  1. Log into the Webex Meetings portal.
  2. Click on Preferences on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Click the Scheduling tab.
  4. In the Scheduling Permission section type the email address of the person whom you'd like to be able to setup meetings on your behalf and then click Save.


Creating a meeting on behalf of another person 

  1. Log into the Webex Meetings portal.
  2. Click the Schedule button.
  3. In the dropdown box labeled: Schedule For:, choose the person you'd like to schedule a meeting for.
  4. Proceed with the meeting setup as normal.