Remote Computer Lab

About the Remote Computer Lab

The Remote Computer Lab (RCL) provides remote access to a MSUB computer with many of the software applications students need to complete their studies. The RCL allows students to work on a computer whether it's from home, a residence hall room, a comfy lounge chair, or your favorite coffee shop. You'll be able to log into a RCL computer to use the software needed to complete your coursework. With access available on or off campus from anywhere you have an internet connection, you'll be able to use MSUB software whenever/wherever it's convenient for you. For more information about the RCL use the links below. 


Note: The RCL is accessed using the internet, and your internet speed can affect your experience. If you are having issues connecting, please first check your internet connection and speeds to make sure you have a stable connection. Mobile device platforms and operating systems may be able to connect to these resources but usability may be limited based on the device being used. The default recommendation is to use a Windows or Mac OS computer.