Christian J. Bautista

Age (while abroad):  20-21 yearsChristina Bautista sa image1

Degree(s):  Business Administration: Finance; International Studies minor

Where did you go?:  Strasbourg, France

In what school did you study?: EM Strasbourg Business School

When did you go?: Sep. 2019 – March 2020 (left mid-spring semester due to COVID-19 pandemic)

What was your prior language knowledge?: Complete beginner

Have you studied abroad before?:

No, first occasion.

Why did you do study abroad?:

To become involved in a new setting, a change of culture and people while still maintaining my degree.

Would you do this again?:

Of course, it was an incredible growing experience for my university time.

What was your favorite part?:

Going to classes and being taught my new professors with a fresh new approach.

What was your least favorite part?:

Dealing will small inconveniences due to language barrier as well as cultural differences, for example grocery shopping, restaurant ordering, etc. One thing to take into account for any student is how another culture reacts and deals with issues in comparison to an American attitude. 

Christina Bautista sa image2How has study abroad affected your life now?:

By knowing people from around the world, I have more confidence now in knowing I have explored the world and have the confidence to go anywhere both for recreation or for work one day in the future.

What did you learn, outside of academics, from your study abroad experience?:

Definitely from friends around the world, I learned that American mentality and perspective toward issues and life at hand is very different than other nationalities. This was the most rewarding part of study abroad, seeing how everyone has different values based on nationality and upbringing.

What advice you would offer students interested in studying abroad?

Read and watch as many videos as you are comfortable with to expose yourself to that culture and understand what you’re getting into. It’s a big life decision to move out of America for a year, so make sure you feel confident to tackle the social hurdles from that region.