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In addition to the annual faculty show and the annual student show the Northcutt Steele Gallery strives to exhibit the work of national and international professional artists. These artists are selected to supplement and complement faculty interests and to expose students to trends of global contemporary art. When possible exhibiting artists are invited to visit campus for short-term residencies, present talks about their art and working experiences as professional artists, share practical experience through workshops, and offer critiques of student work. These presentations and workshops introduce students to various artistic techniques and media and offer insight into the professional life of an artist.

If you would like to help sponsor exhibitions at the Northcutt Steele Gallery with a donation of 25, 50, 100 or more dollars, please  make your check to the Northcutt Steele Gallery.

We understand that times are tight for everyone and would like to assure you that smaller donations will be gratefully welcomed too.