How to Apply for Disability Support Services

On this page you will find the information and the forms you will need to apply for Disability Support Services. If you are not familiar with the application process you may want to take a look at Accommodations for College Students with Disabilities.

To begin the application process please follow these steps

  1. Complete the DSS Application form. 
  2. Email the completed form to Trudy Carey on the university campus or Greg Gerard on the City College campus.
  3. Talk with a member of the DSS team.

During your meeting or phone call with us, you may be asked to provide us with documentation and/or sign a release of information. This will allow us to gather information to provide you with the services that you need.  You will find links below to documentation and release of information forms you may need.  All the forms linked on this page are in PDF format so you will need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader. The forms may be fill out online and email to us or you can print the forms and mail, FAX, or bring the them to our offices. 

DSS Application

What College students need to know about accommodations

Talk with a member of the DSS Team


Release of Information

Documentation for Students with Physical Disabilities

Documentation for Students with Psychological Disabilities