Media Studies Option

The Media Studies Option is designed to examine the nature of the mass media through theoretical grounding and applied knowledge with a concentration in (1) the construction and delivery of media messages and (2) the effects of mediated messages and the structures and practices of the media industries on culture, society, politics, the economy, and individual attitudes and behavior.  This approach prepares students for careers as trained media professionals as well as to be critical consumers of media messages.  The study of message construction and analysis is offered in a variety of contexts including news gathering and reporting, public relations, video production, and advertising.  In each context theoretical perspectives are combined with skills training related to print and electronic media.  Career options in the field of Media Studies include public relations, marketing, broadcast news, corporate communications, and advertising. 

Organizational Communication Option

The Organizational Communication Option is designed to educate students entering the fields of business and social service as managers, trainers, human resource officers, and corporate communication staff.  This option also provides excellent preparation for graduate study in communication as well as law.  The programs in Organizational Communication enable the student (1) to acquire a mature understanding of interaction and other communication issues in organizational situations; (2) to improve the ability to contribute to productive organizational performance; (3) to increase personal effectiveness related to technical communication concerns; and (4) to apply learning to real-life organizational settings.