Aubrey Honcoop

Sciences by nature attract and involve public interest.  The department collaborates with appropriate organizations that have resulted in significant partnerships. The department participates in the regional DRI science fair hosted by MSUB through planning, judging, hands on activities for science fair participants, tours of the green house and the science facility.  Faculty serve on the scientific review committee and the development of criteria for judging the projects.  Science faculty mentor high school students’ science fair projects.

The department participates in the Game Warden Training Program, internships and cooperative educational experiences at the Energy labs, Maxim Technologies, Brewery and Park Service.  Energy labs offer a $500.00 scholarship in chemistry.  Our faculty regularly utilize some of the equipment and expertise from the hospitals for research.  Faculty have given guest presentations, offered hands-on lab training and consultations with high school teachers from West High and Skyview high schools and community colleges.  Faculty have/continue to collaborate with MSUBozeman on research projects.  Faculty from MSU Bozeman, scientists from EPA, DRI, Zoo Montana and other agencies have given guest lectures at the science colloquium.