May 9, 2019


MSUB German Researchers

MSU Billings embarks on research trip to Germany  

Study abroad exploration includes five students and two faculty members



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS — On Friday, May 3, five students and two faculty from Montana State University Billings departed on a study abroad trip to Aschaffenburg, Germany. 

Over the course of 13 days, students will be interviewing and visiting with Syrian refugees living in Germany to gain insight on their experiences with health care, human rights, and acculturation.

“The goal of this study abroad project is to give students a comprehensive understanding of the situation of Syrian refugees and migrants in Germany,” said Sarah Keller, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and Theatre. “It also enables our students to discover health-related issues as well as educational and language-related boundary conditions through this research project.”

Students will gather first-hand information, stories, video, and photos which will be compiled into an online storytelling project, giving a global voice to the experiences of refugees and cultural boundary conditions.

For more information, contact Sarah Keller, Ph.D., at (406) 896-5824 or