May 8, 2019


Staff Appreciation 2019

Outstanding staff honored at MSU Billings

Staff members celebrated during Staff Appreciation event



University Communications and Marketing, 657-2266

MSU BILLINGS NEWS — Montana State University Billings honored outstanding staff members at the annual Staff Appreciation event on May 6.

Staff members were recognized for their contributions to the university and Billings community in a number of areas including Excellence for Support Staff, Years of Service, and retirees.

The following staff members were acknowledged for their university-wide contributions: Emily Beard, program coordinator at City College; Trevor Belnap, associate director of New Student Services; Karen Benson, custodian in Facilities Services; Jill Brown, purchasing manager in Business Services; Tiffany Costa, program coordinator in Montana Center for Inclusive Education; Rebecca Emter, financial manager in Financial Services; Jacket Student Central Team at City College including Sydney Donaldson, Shelby Melroe, Kirtlye Schuman; Julie Lahey, administrative assistant for College of Allied Health Professions; Karen Mikelson, administrative assistant for Rehabilitation and Human Services, Harold Olson, dual enrollment manager at City College; Connie Rohrdanz, computer system analyst in Business Services; Tiffiny Schlabs, administrative associate in Admissions; Sheryl Shockley, administrative assistant in English, Philosophy, Modern Languages department; Bill Skov, electrician in Facilities Services; Roberta Stewart, administrative associate for the College of Business; and Dwight Welch, Campus Ministries.

The Excellence for Support Staff award was presented to Trevor Belnap, Jill Brown, Tiffany Costa, Harold Olson, and Roberta Stewart.

Staff members were also recognized for their 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- and 30-year contributions to the university. For five years of service, Mathew Arnold, Kirsten Barnhart, Trevor Belnap, Alora Blue, Vicki Burford, Stephen Cavallo, Jenay Cross, Florence Garcia, Bryan Grove, Jared Kerr, Evan O’Kelly, Tiffiny Schlabs, Christine Shearer, Sheryl Shockley, JoAnn Stryker, and Patrick Williams were recognized. Lawrence Bacon, Donald Cetrone, Luz Icenoggle, John Keener, Rebecca Summers, and Bruce Wakefield were celebrated for their 10 years of service. Kealy Dowd, Timothy Gulbranson, Ronald Huck, Dennis Lordemann, Rebecca Lyons, Barbara Shafer, Charles Smith, Kathleen Snell, Barbara Waters, Darrel Williams, and Kevin Woodin were honored for their 15 years at MSU Billings. Daniel Benge was celebrated for his 20 years of dedication while Trudy Collins, Catherine Copeland, Betty Erickson, Sandra Goulet, Robert Massee, Kenneth Seibert, Darla Tyler-McSherry, and Tammi Watson were all recognized for 25 years. Christine Sullivan has dedicated three decades of service to the university while Darlene Hert and Francesca Lees each celebrated their 35th year. Rounding out years of service honorees is Cynthia Krieger who dedicated four decades to MSUB.

Retirees that were honored at the event include Kevin Barthlama, Brenda Brakke, Robert Dedmore, Richard Fischer, John Grimstad, LouAnn Helms, Marilyn Hurless, Carol Jestrab, Carla Tilton, Jackie Yamanaka-Williams, Deb Brown, Trudy Collins, Mary Susan Fishbaugh, Michael Barber, Francesca Lees, Kathy Snell, and Cindy Krieger.