Dec. 26, 2018


Chinese sculpture


MSU Billings to offer course on Chinese culture and language

Spring 2019 course open to public



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Extended Campus, 406-896-5890


MSU BILLINGS NEWS—Montana State University Billings will offer a course open to the public on Chinese language and culture in the spring of 2019.


Juan Zhao, a visiting scholar from China who goes by the American name “Annette,” will lead the class, which meets Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7 p.m. in Liberal Arts building room 716. The course will run from Jan. 15 to April 30. 


The course will explore the unique features of Chinese culture and will help participants gain insights into the concepts and passions of the Chinese people as well as learn about a nation that has existed for several thousand years. Participants will learn about festivals, food, weddings, paper-cutting and more.


In addition to learning about cultural events and customs, Chinese language will also help participants better understand the complex society.


Anyone interested in learning more about Chinese culture is encouraged to enroll.


The cost of the course is $129.


For more information or to register go to or call Extended Campus at 406-896-5890.