May 10, 2018



MSU Billings names Interim Vice Provost

Dr. Susan Balter-Reitz named Interim Vice Provost



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Dr. Susan Balter-Reitz, Director of e-Learning at Montana State University Billings and Professor of Communications, has been named Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs effective May 14, following the announced exit of Dr. Matthew Redinger. She will continue in her role as Director of e-Learning while fulfilling the duties of Interim Vice Provost.


Balter-Reitz has been employed in a variety of positions at MSU Billings during her 16-year tenure with the University, including the position of Director of e-Learning, which she has served in for the past five years. Balter-Reitz previously served as the Chair of the Department of Communication and Theatre, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the Associate Chair of the Department of Communication and Theatre at MSUB.


The position of Vice Provost for Academic Affairs functions as the Accreditation Liaison Officer, and Balter-Reitz will be the chief aide to the Provost, Dr. Robert Hoar, in this position. Balter-Reitz, when serving as the Interim Vice Provost, will oversee the University’s accreditation as well as professional and disciplinary accreditations throughout the University Colleges. The Vice Provost also serves as the chair of the Accreditation and Assessment Council and supervises the initiatives of the University to improve student success, retention, and completion rates. 


“The role of Vice Provost requires an individual who can work directly with students, faculty, deans, administrators, and staff from all over the institution,” shared Dr. Robert Hoar, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. “Dr. Balter-Reitz is well connected with each of these groups and will be a great addition to the team in the Office of the Provost.”


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