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September 26, 2017

 view of MSUB Powwow


William R. Lowe Native American Achievement Center’s Opening & Ribbon Cutting



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — MSU Billings is pleased to announce the William R. Lowe Native American Achievement Center’s Opening and Ribbon Cutting (Wednesday, September 27) from 3-5 PM at 2630 Normal Avenue.  MSU Billings faculty, staff and students, along with the public, are invited to celebrate the new home of the American Indian Outreach office.


The event will feature speakers, a Coup, the Red Dress Jingle Dancers, and a building tour.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the Native ways of honor, reciprocity, community, achievement, spirituality, and healing.  For additional event details and background, please see the attached document.


This new building provides the critical space where indigenous learning and achievement will thrive.  It supports the concentrated efforts in the recruitment and retention of American Indian students at MSUB.  In this space, there are plans to explore possibilities of new programming that will foster the growth of Native American Studies in contemporary topics such as food sovereignty and endeavors in cultural revitalization, among others.  Long-term goals could include a Natives-in-Residence program, or a Waldorf demonstration classroom, which would bring tribal experts and elders to campus to the benefit of students, coursework, and consultation with faculty and staff.


For more information, contact Reno Charette at (406) 657-2144 or


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