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March 30, 2017



Katelyn Focht is president-elect of the Associated Students of MSUB

Focht to lead Associated Students of MSUB

Election results announced for annual ASMSUB campaign for student leaders 



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Associated Students of Montana State University Billings announced the results of the 2017 student body senate election with Katelyn Focht announced as president-elect.


Of 4,145 registered students for the spring semester, ASMSUB reported that 236 students voting in this election- or 5.7 percent.


Focht, 22, said increased senate engagement and visibility is one of her goals for the 2017-2018 school year. She is optimistic the group can find ways to connect more with administration as well.


“I really want senators to go to events as a group,” she said.


The Billings native, who graduated from Skyview High School in 2013, has served on the senate since her second semester at MSUB.

This year she has worked as the organization’s student resolution officer.


“I’ve really enjoyed being involved with ASMSUB. It’s been a great opportunity to get more involved on campus and make friends,” Focht said.


In addition to releasing the names of the new president and vice president, nine University senators and a City College senator were elected as well.


Full ASMSUB election results are below.  



Katelyn Focht                             
Class:        Senior
Major:  Political Science/Sociology
Parents:  Ky and Teresa Focht
Hometown:  Billings, Mt


Vice President

Chelsie Coomber        
Class:  Junior
Major:  Business Finance
Parents:  Larry and Kim Coomber
Hometown:  Billings, Mt


Senators-at-large (University campus)

Michael Baker                    
Class:  Junior
Major:  Mass Communication
Parents:  Mike Baker
Hometown:  San Diego, CA


Brenna Beckett                  
Class:  Freshman
Major:  Health and Human Performance
Parents:  Glenn and Colleen Beckett
Hometown:  Broadview, Mt


Shayla Garman                  
Class:  Junior
Major:  Management and Marketing
Parents:  Shane and Jill Garman
Hometown:  Bainville, Mt


Zachary Gray                             
Class:  Senior
Major:  Mass Communication         Minor:  Native Studies
Parents:  Rebecca and Michael Gray
Hometown:  Billings, Mt


Olivia Mahon                              
Class:  Freshman
Major:  Psychology
Parents:  Dave and Gretchen Mahon
Hometown:  Baker, Mt


Savannah Merritt        
Class:  Freshman
Major:  Chemistry
Parents:  Tim and Brende Merritt
Hometown:  Cheyenne, Wy


Jordan Neff                
Class:  Freshman
Major:  Elementary Ed/Special Education
Parent:  Kimberlee Carroll
Hometown:  Billings, Mt


Courteney Shovlin                       
Class:  Freshman
Major:  Political Science         Minor:  History
Parents:  Steve and Wendy Shovlin
Hometown:  Great Falls, Mt


Kaelen Shay                              
Class:  Sophomore
Major:  Accounting
Parents:  Vic and Diana Shay
Hometown:  Billings, Mt


City College Senator


Will Moody        
Class:  Freshman
Major:  Coaching
Hometown:  Billings, Mt