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MSU Billings Introduces two new designs for specialty license plates

February 6, 2012



Aaron Clingingsmith, University Relations, 657-2243
Dan Carter, University Relations, 657-2269


Funds raised from purchase supports scholarships, support programs


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Montana State University Billings followers now have two ways to show support for the university when they renew vehicle registration or purchase license plates for a new car.


photo of the two new MSUB specialty license plate designs

MSU Billings has two new specialty license plate designs that were part of the release of new plates from the Montana Department of Justice on Feb. 1. The plates are now available for purchase in all counties and $30 from the purchase of every plate and subsequent annual renewal helps fund scholarships and other university-support endeavors.


Those endeavors are spearheaded by the MSU Billings Foundation and the MSU Billings Alumni Association.


This is the first new design of MSU Billings license plates since the late 1990s and the design reflects not only the university’s updated logo, but also the athletics logo and view of the four-year campus skyscape.


What follows are some answers to some basic questions for the new plates.

What is the cost to get one of the MSUB plates?


The cost varies. However, below are the situations most commonly experienced for vehicle owners:

Original title and registration with first time plate assignment with standard MSUB plate: $50

  • $30 - Donation to university
  • $10 - Administration cost
  • $10 - Production cost

Personalized plate order: $75

  • $30 - Donation to university
  • $10 - Administration cost
  • $10 - Production cost
  • $25 - Personalized plate application fee

After the initial purchase the renewal fees are as follows:

  • Registration renewal with standard MSUB plate: $30
  • $30 - Donation to university
  • Registration renewal with personalized MSUB plate: $40
  • $30 Donation to university
  • $10 Personalized plate renewal fee

Can an individual update their current MSUB plate and keep the same numbering?

Yes. This can be done at any point in time and the cost is outlined below. It is important to note that an individual will not be forced to update a current plate. They can continue to pay the renewal fees (outlined above) as long as they wish to retain their current plate. It is also important to remember that old plates will no longer be available for further purchase.


Special order to update collegiate plate design (number or personalized plate): $65

  • $30 Donation to university
  • $10 Production cost
  • $15 Duplicate plate fee
  • $10 Duplicate tab fee

For more information, check out the new website for Montana license plates by the Department of Justice.