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Siebert named new general manager at KEMC/Yellowstone Public Radio

January 5, 2011



Ken Siebert, KEMC/Yellowstone Public Radio, 657-2945
Dan Carter, University Relations, 657-2269


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Ken Siebert, who has been at the helm at KEMC/Yellowstone Public Radio on an interim basis since 2009, has been named the new general manager.


Montana State University Billings Chancellor Rolf Groseth made the announcement on Monday. The appointment will take effect immediately.


"Yellowstone Public Radio is one of the very most important public service elements of the One Montana State University," Groseth said. "The entire staff has a magnificent history, but has performed heroically during the past few years.


"When I began my tenure as chancellor, I understood that filing the station general manager position on a permanent basis would be critical. Ken Siebert brings both an understanding of the many moving parts that make a radio outlet successful and accountable and a forward-looking vision for the future of what public radio can mean to MSU Billings and the citizens we serve."


Dennis Hall, president of Friends of Public Radio, Inc., said the board welcomed the move.


"The Friends of Public Radio, Inc., unanimously supports Chancellor Groseth's appointment of Ken Siebert as the general manager of KEMC/Yellowstone Public Radio," Hall said. "Over the years, we have seen Ken grow in his knowledge, abilities, responsibilities and accomplishments. We are excited to be working with the new leaders of the station and the university along with their staffs in enhancing the value of YPR to all."


Located on the western edge of the MSU Billings main campus, KEMC/Yellowstone Public Radio provides an important public service function for the university. The station provides news and cultural programming for more than 35,000 listeners residing in Montana and Northern Wyoming.  KEMC/YPR provides valuable communication linkages to areas of Montana not served by local news outlets, including regular news from the Montana Legislature from reporter Jackie Yamanaka.


Siebert has had a long history with Yellowstone Public Radio and began his work there as a part-time broadcast board operator in 1992. He did media technician work from 1994-99, handling live program production and digital production before doing some new media management work starting in 1999. He created and managed YPR’s online services (, including the content management, broadcast streaming and online pledging.


In 2009, he became interim general manager and took over day-to-day administrative oversight of the station. He has been directing community outreach and fundraising initiatives as well as working directly with the MSU Billings on communications, emergency planning and advancement initiatives.


A graduate of MSU Billings, Siebert earned his degree in English in 1998 and is currently working on his master’s degree in public administration.