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MSU Billings extends registration deadline for firefighting students

August 15, 2011



MSU Billings Registrar’s Office, 657-2158
MSU Billings Advising Center, 657-2240
Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, (406) 444-0374
Dan Carter, University Relations, 657-2269


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Montana State University Billings, in accordance with a decision made last week by the Commissioner of Higher Education, will grant a two-week registration grace period for college students who are fighting fires. 


Sheila Stearns, Commissioner of Higher Education in Montana, said last week that Montana University System will grant a two-week grace period for those college students who are fighting forest fires throughout Montana. Student firefighters will now have additional time past the start of the fall semester to finalize their registration, financial aid, housing and other deadlines. The extension applies to students directly involved in firefighting as well as those providing support services for fire crews.


“The Montana University System is committed to supporting the firefighting efforts in the state of Montana as well as honoring the efforts and contributions of our students fighting the fires and we believe this is a way in which we can accomplish that,” said Commissioner of Higher Education Sheila Stearns. “The students will still be required to complete the academic coursework upon their return.”


Residence halls open at MSU Billings on Sunday, Sept. 4 and classes begin Wednesday, Sept. 7.


Student firefighters need to call their university by Monday, Aug. 22to receive the extension for the courses for which they have pre-registered. It is also the students’ responsibility to contact their professors to find out what assignments they have missed in case they begin the academic year later than Sept. 7.


MSU Billings students who are granted an extension are encouraged to arrive for classes as soon as possible in order to keep up with the academic demands of their classes.


For more information about the MSU Billings registration extension, call the MSU Billings Registrar’s office at 657-2158 or the MSU Billings Advising Center at 657-2240.