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Students selected for housing team for 2011-12 academic year

April 15, 2011



Housing and Residential Life, 657-2333
Dan Carter, University Relations, 657-2269


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — The Montana State University Billings Office of Housing and Residential Life recently selected residence assistants for the 2011-2012 academic year.


The following students, listed by residence hall floor and hometown, were selected for housing staff positions:

  • Lewis Polkow, Petro 3, Billings
  • Jule Gray, Petro 3, Henderson, Colo.
  • Zach Connor, Petro 4, Billings
  • Sara Paddock, Petro 4, Beavterton, Ore.
  • Melissa Saken, Petro 5, Peers, Alberta, Canada
  • Cindy Staffanson, Petro 5, Sidney, Mont.
  • Thomas Staffileno, Petro 6, Billings
  • Alayna Lacher, Petro 6, Great Falls
  • Isaiah Garrison, Petro 7, Auburn, Wash.
  • Amanda Milliard, Petro 7, Columbia Falls
  • Steven Barton, Petro 8, Billings
  • Shelby Holsapple, Petro 8, Hillsboro, Ore
  • Charmayne Hicks, Rimrock 3, Belt
  • Kyle Goings, Rimrock 3, Orland, Calif.
  • Libby Rutz, Rimrock 4, Billings
  • Jacob Letman, Rimrock 4, Lander, Wyo.
  • Geoff Fehr, Rimrock 5, Pinesdale, Mont.
  • Heather Gauthier, Rimrock 5, Columbus
  • Mary Owen, Rimrock 6, Hammond, Mont.
  • Dustin “DT” Turnbull, Rimrock 6, Billings
  • Emily Harris, Honors House Coordinator, Billings
  • BreAnna Cameron, Rimrock International Residents, Whitefish
  • Kavindu Gamage, Rimrock International Residents, Melbourne, Australia

Student staff are vital to the overall retention and success of students who live on campus at MSU Billings. About 600 students live in the residence halls at MSU Billings, a regional liberal arts university with a total enrollment of about 5,300 students.


There are still student leadership positions available through the Office of Housing and Residential Life. For more information, go to  or call 657-2333.