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Yellowstone Public Radio fall fund drive starts Monday

October 15, 2010



Ken Siebert, YPR Interim General Manager, 657-2945
Barbara Bernheim, YPR Development/Listener Support Manager, 657-2974
Dan Carter, University Relations, 657-2269
Pledges: 657-2941 or (800) 441-2941


Volunteers will be recognized during the week 


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Yellowstone Public Radio, one of the public service entities of Montana State University Billings, will hold its fall fundraising campaign Oct. 18-24, with a goal of raising $175,000 to fund national, regional, local news, information and cultural programming for Montana and northern Wyoming.


The event also provides an opportunity to recognize the countless hours volunteers spend each year to support the work of the station.

Throughout the year, listeners from across Montana, Wyoming and around the world keep Yellowstone Public Radio on the air with their dollars. But a special group of 100 committed individuals — the volunteers — work quietly behind the scenes with their time and energy to help promote YPR’s programming mission. Those loyal public radio enthusiasts will receive special recognition during YPR’s Fall Fund Drive.


“Public radio volunteers are a unique group of individuals who share an extraordinary commitment to this radio service,” says Barbara Bernheim, development and listener support manager at Yellowstone Public Radio. “All of these friends are dedicated listeners and supporters who carve out a special place in their lives and calendars semi-annually to help sustain YPR.”


Volunteers at YPR help answer the phones during the pledge drive, stuff envelopes, donate home cooked meals and appear on-air.

“These public radio listeners, who step beyond the radio airwaves or the internet to lend a hand, become more invested in this service as they see programming unfold,” Bernheim said. “They discover others who share many of the same values and concerns and enjoy the process of helping public radio continue and thrive.”


Listeners can make pledges of support during the drive Oct. 18-24 by calling 657-2941 or (800) 441-2941. Contributions can also be made on YPR’s website at, where live streaming audio is also available. New listeners, as well as renewing members, are invited to tune in and introduce themselves to YPR with their pledges of support.


Highlights during the Fall Fund Drive include special editions of favorite programs, the Sunday morning classical music quiz, and special studio visitors. YPR’s regular lineup of on-air voices will be joined by regional business people, educators and musicians, among others.

This fall’s goal of $175,000 will help fund critical operating expenses such as programming fees, maintenance and repair on almost three dozen broadcast transmission facilities in Montana and northern Wyoming, and many other business and administrative costs associated with daily broadcast operations.


Three-quarters of YPR’s annual operating budget comes from individual and business support. The remaining quarter comes from annual service grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and direct funding from MSU Billings, which also provides additional facilities and services as a part of the public service component of its mission.


Now in its 37th year on the air, YPR continues to present in-depth news, public affairs and cultural programming to listeners throughout Montana and northern Wyoming. YPR has been honored multiple times for broadcast excellence, with awards for news writing, editing and web design.


YPR broadcasts on eight stations and 26 translators licensed to MSU Billings, located throughout the region. From in-depth local and world news via National Public Radio and Public Radio International, to a variety of informative and entertaining music, public affairs and cultural programming offered by local producers, the WFMT Radio Network, American Public Media, WCLV Seaway Productions, the BBC, and more. Broadcast originates from the Joseph S. Sample Studios at located on the western edge of the main campus of MSU Billings.


For more information on volunteering or about the Fall Fund Drive, contact Bernheim at 657-2974.