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May 4, 2009

Billings Students Who Have Applied for Graduation

*** indicates Summa Cum Laude (4.00 GPA) academic honors
** indicates Magna Cum Laude (3.75 - 4.00 GPA) academic honors
* indicates Cum Laude (3.50 - 3.74 GPA) academic honors
# indicates Honor Program Scholar
+ indicates Honors (3.50 - 3.74 GPA) for Associate degrees and/or Certificates
++ indicates High Honors (3.75 -4.00 GPA) for Associate degrees and/or Certificates

Degree Codes:

AA: Associate of Arts
AS: Associate of Science
B: Bachelor
BA: Bachelor of Arts
BS: Bachelor of Science

M: Master
MS: Master of ScienceMaster of Science
MED: Master of Education
AAS: Associate of Applied Science
CERT: Certificate

***Liane Rae Bentley, Accounting; BS
**Louise A. Barman, Applied Science; B
**Jessica J. Billinger, Elementary Education; BS
**#Marissa J Davila, Communication Arts (Organizational) and Spanish; BA
**Casey Beddow DelCostello, Art Teaching Option; BA
**Micaela Oria Downey, Spanish Teaching Option; BA
**Kimberly Ann Dugan, Sociology; BS
**Jessica J. Duray, General Business; BS
**Kathleen Georgiann Garibay, English; BA
**Katherine Maida Guenther, Accounting; BS
**Lindsey Anne Keightley-Reinhardt, English; BA
**Michelle Marie Lang, Elementary Education; BS
**Sarah S. Lord, Biology Teaching Option; BS
**Kimberly A. Loudan, Human Services; BS
**Anna Elaine Mack, Management; BS
**Kimberly Ann Norris, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
**Kaili Nicole Payne, Art and History; BA
**Jessica Pickett, Art; BA
**Yvonne Staci Ray, Accounting; BS
**Wayne Scott Scharnhorst, Accounting and Information Systems; BS
**Ean Sewell, History; BA
**Cedar Speer, Finance; BS
**Brandy Lee Strange, Management; BS
**Amanda Taylor, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS
**Nichole April Van Noten, Psychology; BS
**#Kerry Lou Vowell, Accounting and Information Systems; BS
**Carrie A. Wallace, Biology; BS
**Heather Lynn Watterson, Biology; BS
**Amy Weidlich, Biology; BS
**Kelly Ann Wilks-Coder, Elementary Education; BS and Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
*Torrey Conrad Bell, Liberal Studies; BS
*Terry D. Booth, Psychology; BS
*Jeff Butts, Environmental Studies; BA
*Rebekah Ann Carlson, Accounting; BS
*Jacob Cattnach, Criminal Justice; BS
*Shawn Conrad, Art; BA
*Margaret Cresswell, Environmental Studies; BA
*Linsay Duty, Management and Marketing; BS
*Rick Engum, Accounting; BS
*Betty J. Erickson, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
*Cort Michael Felts, History; BA
*Lee Ann Forshee, Management; BS
*Natasha A. Franz, Accounting; BS
*Amanda Nichole Goertz, Accounting; BS
*Tess L. Hatfield, Psychology; BA
*Julie Heffner, Biology; BS
*Erica M. Helvik, Management; BS
*Brian R. Higareda, Elementary Education; BS
*Carrie Lynn Irish, Human Services; BS
*Lacee Brooke Jaskot, Communication Arts (Organizational) and Communication Arts (Theatre); BA
*Stephanie T. Karls, Elementary Education; BS
*Patricia A. Kimmet, Art; BA
*Candi J. Korf, Elementary Education; BS
*Betsy K. Kunsman, Applied Science; B
*Jon Michael Laurent, Biology; BS
*Teresa Parker Lehman, General Business; BS
*Jessie Eileen Lemieux, Psychology; BS
*Samantha Jo Liptac, Elementary Education; BS
*Tina M. Wells Paterson, Chemistry; BS
*Kelly Ann Raidiger, Psychology; BA
*Jill LaRae Roesler, English Teaching Option; BA and Special Education (Secondary); BS
*Nikki R. Schaubel, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
*Christina Ann Smith, General Business; BS
*Quentin D. Staton, Music Teaching Option; BA and Elementary Education; BS
*#Danielle D. Stiff, History and Sociology; BA
*Holly Ruth Szillat, Elementary Education; BS
*Tiffany Rochelle Taylor, Elementary Education; BS
*Colton Vander Esch, Accounting; BS
*Susan E. Weinreis, Spanish; BA
*Kyle Werth, Information Systems; BS
*Brittany M. Wollschlaeger, Elementary Education; BS
++Bryan Douglas Cook, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
++Ghia Cowee, Process Plant Technology; AAS
++Bonnie R. Nees, Practical Nursing; AAS
++Kerry R. Pocha, Practical Nursing; AAS
++Arthur M. Rensvold, Process Plant Technology; AAS
++Zelda Faye Hicks Schindler, Process Plant Technology; AAS
++Zane Unruh, Human Resources; AS
+Susan Lynn Burns, Practical Nursing; AAS
+Kay L. Christensen, Radiologic Technology; AAS
+Joshua L. Cole, Automotive Technology; AAS
+Andrea Rose Duffy, Radiologic Technology; AAS
+Shirley Ann Ficek, Nursing; AS
+Jacqueline Michelle Guckeen, Human Resources; AS
+Molley D. Henneberry, Practical Nursing; AAS
+Sheri Lynn Ingraham, General Studies; AA
+Steven Yasu Kurokawa, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
+Seth Langve, Radiologic Technology; AAS
+Kevin Robert Miller, Applied Supervision; AS
+Erica Kim Nguyen, General Studies; AS
+Nicholas S. Peterson, Process Plant Technology; AAS
+Chad Pickett, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
+Kellie M. Roscoe, Practical Nursing; AAS
+Rob Staiger, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Jack Edward Allison, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Mary Allison, Human Services; BS
Laci Victoria Alvarado, Management and Marketing; BS
Bryan Gregory Anderson, Liberal Studies; BS
Eric S. Anderson, Public Relations; BS
James John Anderson, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Kevin J. Andriolo, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Jarred Anglin, Criminal Justice; BS
John C. Askins, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
John Edward Bach, Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Frank Barnes, Fire Science; AS
Dwayne A. Bartle, Public Relations; BS
Donette Beach, General Business; BS
Dawn M. Bergquist, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Andrea Christine Bethel, Human Resources; AS
Patrick Joseph Bickford, General Studies; AA
Carol M. Black Eagle, Liberal Studies; BS
Jodi Blake, Paramedic; AAS
Joshua A. Bledsoe, Finance; BS
Jacob J. Blehm, Paramedic; AAS
Lauralee R. Boespflug, General Business; BS
Levi M. Bogunovich, Fire Science; AS
Tammy Bonogofsky, Human Services; BS
Kathleen Louise Borges, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Shannon Borges, Practical Nursing; AAS
Ashley Dawn Borner, Human Services; BS
Michael William Bowdren, Psychology; MS
Kristy Marie Brammer, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Yuki Joy Brien, Psychology; MS
Nicole Brousseau, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Danelle Brown, Elementary Education; BS
Mitchell Oliver Brush, Liberal Studies; BS
Megan M. Burgener, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Christina Burows, Nursing; AS
Stefani Diefenderfer Burruss, General Business; BS
Ryan T. Burt, Management; BS
Dixie P. Cellan, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Jeannine Champion, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Kelly Lynn Chase, Practical Nursing; AAS
Nicholas Christopherson, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Anna Marie Clayton, Public Relations; MS
Jackie Clement, School Counseling; MED
Stephanie Lee Cliff, Practical Nursing; AAS
Doreen M. Cloud, Human Resource Management; CER
Nicholas Coffman, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Janelle Ann Cook, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Kalli A. Cox, English Teaching Option; BA
Erin Michal Culbertson, Accounting; BS
Teddee Harris Cuomo, Art; BA and Sociology; BS
Beverly Darrah, Human Services; BS
Jessica L. Dayton, Marketing; BS
Joshua DeBoer, Art; BA
Sunny M. Delzer, Political Science; BS
Blaine Derhak, Practical Nursing; AAS
Britney R. Derhak, Fire Science; AS
Charity Diamond, Human Services; BS
Nathan Andrew Dierenfield, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
Cameron J. Dow, Practical Nursing; AAS
Lisa Ann Draeger, Human Resources; AS
Karilynn Dunbar, Management; BS
Sara Christina Ellis, Psychology; MS
Marnie J. Emond, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Travis Joseph Engen, Applied Science; B
Chelsea Evangeline, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Ryan P. Evangeline, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Deborra H. Fischer, Educational Technology; MED
Lee J. Fischer, Fire Science; AS
Teresa Ann Flanagan, Practical Nursing; AAS
Scott R. Fleming, General Business; BS
Matthew John Fochs, Liberal Studies; BS
Dereck Foster, Fire Science; AS
Thomas Blaine Frank, General Studies; AA
Courtney French, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Brittany Leigh Frickel, Nursing; AS
Angela Marie Fulkerson, Public Relations; MS
Katrina Gabel, Public Relations; BS
Erin Mae Gallagher, Public Relations; BS
Christine Gallogly, Practical Nursing; AAS
Jessica Rita George, Psychology; BA
Josh M. Gilchrist, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Tatiana N. Glenn, Music; BA
Barbara J. Glennon, Marketing; BS
Vicki Reed Glueckert, Practical Nursing; AAS
Amanda J. Godfrey, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS
Laura L. Gordon, Nursing; AS
Jamie Goyette, School Counseling; MED
Teara Siery Gregor, Nursing; AS
Deanna Elizabeth Grubbs, General Studies; AA
Tonya Hagel, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Jeremy Jay Hansen, Finance; BS
C. R. Harasymczuk, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Kira Jean Harris, General Business; BS
Meghan Leigh Hatzenbuehler, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS
Gloria Hawkins, Liberal Studies; BS
Payton Dane Heafner, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Tyler J. Heine, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option); BS
Ana Aydee Henrickson, Spanish; BA Accounting; BS
Jillian T. Henry, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Kelly J. Herden, Practical Nursing; AAS
Lindsay M. Hergenrider, Practical Nursing; AAS
Kendra Ann Herlyn, Psychology; BS
Edith Ann Heyer, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Benjamin J. Hockin, Health Administration; M
Carolynn Dawn Hogg, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Nicole J. Holloway, Marketing; BS
Roy D. Hostetler III, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Kristina M. Hubbard, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Amanda Renae Hudson, English; BA
Brian Hunter, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Wayne M. Irion, Marketing; BS
Bobbie Rachel Jacobson, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Jacey R. Jansma, Psychology; BS
Louise E. Jensen, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Keith Lynn Jestes, Applied Supervision; AS
Rory Jetmore, Public Relations; BS
Philip A. Johnson, Communication Arts (Theatre); BA
Vicki A. Johnson, Human Resource Management; CER
Tyler V. Jovanovich, Finance; BS
Pam Marie Kane, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
#Marcia D. Kapor, History; BA
Keri Dawn Kiesser, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Deborah Sue Knutson, Health Administration; BS
Andrea Kondracki, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Kristen E. Kramer, Health Administration; BS
Elease Rhea Krueger, Art; BA
Jennifer Lynn Kruse, Nursing; AS
Alan Lamb, General Studies; AS
Danielle Juanita Lang, Office Assistant; CER
Kurt Jason Laudicina, Public Relations; MS
Olivia Ann Lee, Marketing; BS
Vicki H. Lieu, Finance and Management; BS
Chantenelle Lind, Nursing; AS
Cecil Liter, Psychology; BA
Brian Longenecker, History; BA
Jill Loran, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Sarah S. Lord, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Angie Losoya, Accounting; BS
Barry A. Loy, Applied Science; B
Emily Ludwick, Management; BS
Erin Lutton, History; BA
Janelle Lutton, Nursing; AS
Devin W. Macdonald, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Jenelle Malcom, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Teresa Lucile Marchant, Educational Technology; MED
Michael Joseph Marler, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Ryan Dwane Martin, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Ryan Thomas McCandless, Environmental Studies; BA
Lindsey Kate McCloud, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Rochelle Dawn McCrohan, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Lisa McDonald, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Levi McFadden, Fire Science; AS
Connor Thomas McGillvray, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Lance J. McKinnon, Automotive Technology; CER
Amanda Elise McPherson, Biology; BA
Jill Corinne Harryman McPherson, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Jetton Lee Meadors, Information Systems; BS
Deanna D. Meschke, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS and Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Michael P. Metz, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Messina Michelle Michalsky, Nursing; AS
Alyson Jeanne Miller, Accounting; BS
Wendy Sue Miller, Psychology; BS
Cherie Mitchell, Human Services; BS
Jessi Moats, Psychology; BS
Angela M. Montez, General Studies; AA and Human Services; BS
Jennifer Moody, Practical Nursing; AAS
Katharine Elisabeth Moore, Practical Nursing; AAS
Jacob E. Morris, Biology; BS
Kelli Morse, Public Relations; MS
Erin Mueller, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Anna J. Mufich, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Christopher Paul Nash, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
John B. Nelson, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Phillip G. Nelson, General Business; BS
Preston Lee Nelson, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Rochelle Wynn Ness, Nursing; AS
Jeannine Michelle Nielsen, Elementary Education; BS
#Bonnie Sue Nord, History Teaching Option; BA
Shay Oberg, Psychology; BS
Cassandra Oliphant, Psychology; BS
Billy Joe Olive, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Austin K. Olson, School Counseling; MED
Cayanne C. Ott, Human Resource Management; CER
Pandora Kay Palmer, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Shannda Jenay Pellinen, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Steven Donald Peterman, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Summer Jean Abbey Peterson, School Counseling; MED
Keith M. Poeschl, Paramedic; AAS
Jamie R. Pogreba, Human Resources; AS and Liberal Studies; BS
Brandee Popelka, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Cole Chester Pryor, Liberal Studies; BS
Constance Theresa Rapkoch, Psychology; BA
Dani Lynn Marie Ray, Human Services; BS
Tammy M. Rea, Public Relations; MS
Taryn Reitz, Public Relations; BS
Richard Lee Remington, School Counseling; MED
Jacob Daniel Rhoades, History Teaching Option; BA
Rosza Dawn Riojas, Nursing; AS
Heidi J. Robertson, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Rachael Roper, Accounting; BS
Paul Vincent Rosales, Finance; BS
Andrew Sandmeier, Diesel Technology; CER
Philip Eugene Santala, Psychology; BS
Joy LeAnne Schacht, Nursing; AS
Matthew Schieno, Fire Science; AS
Angela Renè Schmidt, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Erin Schock, Elementary Education; BS
Steven Scott, Management; BS
Heather Senger, Health Administration; M
Scott T. Serfazo, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Tiffany Ann Shine, Liberal Studies; BS
Julie J. Siebert, Applied Science; B
Rhiana J. Singer, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Christian C. Sizemore, Finance; BS
Parker Solem-Sevier, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Laura Rachel Sorenson, Nursing; AS
Kayla Ann Squires, General Studies; AS and Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Tawny Lynn Stark, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Clinton Wayne Steier, Psychology; BS
Ashley Marie Steinbach, Practical Nursing; AAS
Jessica Joyce Stevens, Practical Nursing; AAS
Kathleen Stolt, Applied Supervision; AS
Michael A. Storer, History Teaching Option; BA
Daniel Raymond Strecker, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Matthew Sturn, Human Services; BS
Joseph Szillat, Biology; BS
Troy Alexander Tadlock, General Studies; AS
Monica Tavenner, General Business; BS
Robert Wilson Thayer, Management; BS
Bryce C. Thomas, Management and Marketing; BS
Kasey Michelle Thorne, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Jan Marie Thronburg, General Business; BS
Lori Townsend, School Counseling; MED
Heather Ashley Vandever, English; BA
Brettney J. Vermandel, Nursing; AS
Kathleen Marie Quinn Walsh, Public Relations; MS
Anna Marie Warburton, Practical Nursing; AAS
Whitney Webb, Nursing; AS
Jami A. Weiler, Accounting; BS
Maureen Michelle Wilburn, Finance; BS
Travis Dale Wilkes, Psychology; MS
Paula J. Wilks, Nursing; AS
Lacy Young, General Studies; AS
Natalie Lorraine Zigweid, Management; BS

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