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April 29, 2008

81st MSU Billings Commencement Ceremony
Students from Montana cities other than Billings

MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — At the Montana State University Billings 81st Commencement ceremony, 917 students who have applied for their degrees will cross the stage, Saturday, May 3, at 10 a.m., at MetraPark.
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*** indicates Summa Cum Laude (4.00 GPA) academic honors
** indicates Magna Cum Laude (3.75 - 4.00 GPA) academic honors
* indicates Cum Laude (3.50 - 3.74 GPA) academic honors
# indicates Honor Program Scholar
+ indicates Honors (3.50 - 3.74 GPA) for Associate degrees and/or Certificates
++ indicates High Honors (3.75 -4.00 GPA) for Associate degrees and/or Certificates

Degree Codes:

AA: Associate of Arts
AS: Associate of Science
B: Bachelor
BA: Bachelor of Arts
BS: Bachelor of Science

M: Master
MS: Master of ScienceMaster of Science
MED: Master of Education
AAS: Associate of Applied Science
CERT: Certificate



+ Jennifer Marie Crow, General Studies; AA
Kyle M. Mitchell, Diesel Technology; AAS
Jeremiah J. Stabnow, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Tracy Wright-Planichek, Practical Nurse; AAS

+ Mitchell M. Lindberg, Construction Technology; AAS

David James Allen, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED

++ Constance A. See, Accounting Technology; AAS
Kristie L. Compher, Psychology; MS

Kristine M. Heaps, Sociology; BA
Richard W. Lang, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Whitney L. Meschke, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Jacob A. Schell, Automotive Technology; AAS
Ryan C. Varner, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; AAS

+ Ashley Dawn Bailey, Accounting Technology; AAS
+ Laura Black, Accounting Technology; AAS

Alex Rumph, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; AAS

Big Timber
** Autumn D. Glasgow, Mathematics ; BS
** Todd Edward Nevin, History Teaching Option; BA
*# Lyle Eugene Johnson II, History; BA
++ Chrissie Ann Gilbert, Medical Assistant; AAS
Colette Birchell, Human Resources; AS
Laura A. Bryan, General Studies; AS
Kathryne Morgan, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Kristine Mothershead, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS

Black Eagle
** Jeni Dodd, Liberal Studies; BS

Jacey Nicole Cooper, General Studies; AA
Genevieve Helen Zeeck, Psychology; BS

Luke Stovall, Fire Science; AS

+ Michael D. Bradley, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology;
+ Aubrey Ann Gauthier, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Tyler J. Blair, Automobile Collision Repair ; CER
Kathy Braaksma, Generalist; MS
Christina Dianne Thompson, Liberal Studies; BS
Danelle I. Wilhelm, Paramedic; AAS
Robin M. Zetzer, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED

* Amanda Kaye Ziemer, Psychology and Spanish; BA
Shawna Faye Jackson, Management; BS
John E. Kallevig, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Bruce Middlemiss, Process Plant Technology; AAS

** Kyla Janine McCamish, Management and Marketing; BS
++ Jennifer Alderman, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS
++ Jennifer Alderman, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER

Douglas Kelly Dubin, Liberal Studies; BS

Theresa G. Pepion, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS
Angeline C. Pollock, Environmental Studies; BA

** Beth Ann Lawrence, Elementary Education ; BS

Jessica Marie O'Boyle Layne, Applied Science; B
Michael D. Meier, Practical Nurse; AAS
Luke A. Meyer, Public Relations; MS
Erin Marie Simenson, Liberal Studies; BS

* Tina Marie Johnson, Applied Science; B
* Felicia Rochelle O'Brien, Liberal Studies; BS

Nicole Michelle Anderson, Liberal Studies; BS

Elizabeth Long, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS

** Andrea Leanne Bardwell, Liberal Studies; BS

++ Melissa Shennum, Applied Supervision; AS
Ann Marie Wittkopp, Athletic Training; MS

** Vanessa Rae Kukes, Finance; BS
Daniel John Coryell, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option); BS
Rayna Marie DeSocio, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Natasha Yvette Geiser, Marketing; BS
Angella Lynn Hedges, Elementary Education ; BS
Jeff Kukes, Automotive Technology; AAS
Casey Marie Steffans, Management; BS
Carrie Sterrett, General Studies; AA
Amanda Lee Sturtz-Capp, Special Education and Elementary Education ; BS

Columbia Falls
** Celestina Marie Jolley, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS and Elementary Education; BS

Neal A. Barndt, Accounting; BS
Colette Rene Behrent, Public Relations; MS
Amanda Braesicke, Practical Nurse; AAS
Rhonda Day, Practical Nurse; AAS
Brynn Ekle, Practical Nurse; AAS
Mary Ketola, Practical Nurse; AAS
Lacey A. Stimpson, Radiologic Technology; AAS
David Viig, Diesel Technology; AAS

Tara Teleah Hanley, Communication Arts (Mass) and Communication Arts (Theatre); BA

Cooke City
Lucas M. Jack, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS

Heather Nordman, Psychology; BS

Crow Agency
Ronald J. LittleLight-Alden III, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER

Annie M. Snedigar, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Sarah Catherine Stevens, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED

Tessa Rae Mitchell, Applied Science; B

Cut Bank
* Kasey Danielle Dosch, Psychology; BS
Aubree Altenburg, Practical Nurse; AAS
Jaclyn Marie Bird, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management; MS
Derek Fitzgerald, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
Roseanna Maria Kuntz, Liberal Studies; BS
Janelle Van Steeland, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS

Jonathan K. Wickens, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS

** Darcy Joyce Hahnkamp, Human Services; BS
Robin Eileen Russell, Management; BS

* Kelsey M. Sims, Public Relations; BS

East Helena
Robert S. H. Stapley, General Business; BS

James M. Werning, Jr., Process Plant Technology; AAS

* Amber Annette Jardee, History; BA
Helton M. Townsend, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology;

+ Jodi L. Wilson, Accounting Technology; AAS
Lori Lynn Haverty-Ramesz, Applied Science; B
Daniel F. Nelson, Management; BS

Angela Dawn Buckley Lancaster, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS

Crystal Jones, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Nicole Marie Livermont, Marketing; BS
Benjamin Wayne Maciag, History; BA
Mike McComb, Art; BA
Ryan Tooke, Applied Science; B

*Anna Mae Henderson, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS and Spanish Teaching Option; BA

Alanna Caroline Britton, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Kodi R. Harris, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Jeffrey Lodahl, Automotive Technology; AAS

+ Carl Jones, Automotive Technology; AAS

+ Jamey L. Albert, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Renna Ann Shetler Bent, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Anna E. Holloway, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Joshua H. Mellott, Automotive Technology; AAS

** Haylie Shipp, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
* Jody R. Christenson, General Business; BS
Michael Robert Combs, Public Relations; BS
Jacob John Engstrom, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology;
Randall George Holom, Health Administration; M
Lisa Martin, Public Relations; MS
Sarah M. Schindler, Medical Assistant; AAS

** Clinton Wynne, General Business; BS
Joshua Jay Burlison, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Michael Crisafulli, Finance; BS
Ellen S. Gartner, Psychology; BS
Nicholas Haggerty, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Darcy L. Johnston, English Teaching Option; BA
Julie Ann Peterson, Accounting; BS
Telecia Schlosser, Marketing ; BS

Grass Range
Steven Degner , Automotive Technology; AAS

Great Falls
** Crystal J. Johnson, Applied Science; B
* Tina A. Cubbage, Liberal Studies; BS
* Lisa RedThunder Kirby, Liberal Studies; BS
* Jennifer Wear, Applied Science; B
Tina M. Archambeau, Finance; BS
Leslie Bahr, Liberal Studies; BS
Daniel Alan Biehl, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management; MS
Marguerite Helen Felig, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Jessica L. Frank, Liberal Studies; BS
Mikal M. Grainger, Liberal Studies; BS
Samantha Luwe, Special Education and Elementary Education ; BS
Jeremy L. McDonald, Accounting; BS
Christian Moungsiharat, Practical Nurse; AAS
Nicholas G. Osweiler, Applied Science; B
Hans D. Sevalstad, Applied Science; B
Apryl Marie Solana, Liberal Studies; BS

* Nicol Bozik, General Business; BS

** Katie Marston, Elementary Education; BS
Joshua Scott Anderson, Elementary Education; BS
Anita J. Birdinground, Public Administration; M
Daniel Burcham, Networking Technology; CER
Janie Marie Delp, Information Systems; BS
Jillian M. Fenner, General Studies; AA
Lori Ann Parker, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Tana Cloe Perez, Elementary Education; BS
Michael Pryor, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER

Kasey Joseph Nicholson, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS

Gina Marie Berg, Psychology; BS

**# Danielle Marie Barton, English Teaching Option; BA
** Brittany Kay Vandersloot, Human Services; BS
Sarah Anne Benson, Public Relations; MS
Anthony James McKittrick, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED

* Justin R. Eide, Management and Marketing; BS
* Tamara Harp, Applied Science; B
+ Estella Jenell Knoles, General Studies; AS
Terry Chancy, Liberal Studies; BS
Andrea Eickmeyer, Elementary Education ; BS
Sarah Marie Flemming, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Jessica A. Freeman, Marketing; BS
Renee  Hein, Human Services; BS
Christina M. Higgins, Management and Marketing; BS
Kirsten L. Hoffman, General Business; BS
Shylo N. McKinsey, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Shannon S. Pogue, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Casie Lee Rashleigh, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED

Ashley Nicole Gatzemeier, Management and Marketing; BS

** Karla Elizabeth Painter, Sociology; BS
Kurt Matthew Kautz, Elementary Education ; BS
Thomas L. Ramlow, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
John Weston Robertson, Liberal Studies; BS

Huntley Project
* Erin Linn Decker, Elementary Education ; BS

Justin L. Arneson, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Brenda Leigh McNaney, Finance; BS

* Debran Robison-Ivey, Human Services; BS
Lee Weis, Fire Science; AS

**# Kristin E. McRae, History; BA
Deidre Dawn FitzGerald, Practical Nurse; AAS

Judith Gap
* Levi William Heller, Liberal Studies; BS

* Erin Ann Howardson, Liberal Studies; BS
* Tara D. Tucker, General Business; BS
Warren R. Dobler, Liberal Studies; BS
Amber Jo Fleming, Special Education and Elementary Education ; BS
Steven J. Greene, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Lisa Victoria Linnell, Applied Science; B
Thomas Richard Sierra, Jr., General Business; BS
James R. Wardensky, Applied Science; B
Ronda Lynn Whitehead, Liberal Studies; BS

* Richard Isaac Melby, Communication Arts (Mass); BA

Lame Deer
Mariah Lisa Maxwell, Special Education and Elementary Education ; BS

Kalu L. Rogenes, Accounting Technology; AAS

** Susan Elizabeth Weikel, Accounting ; BS
* Lynn Marie Demarais, Sociology; BA
* Travis Steven Frickel, History Teaching Option; BA
* Travis Steven Frickel, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option); BS
* Brady J. Nelson, Management; BS
* Tyler Ready, English Teaching Option; BA
+ Ronna J. Hager, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Jennifer M. Arnold, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS
Kandra M. Diefenderfer, Liberal Studies; BS
Brent Evans, History; BA
Jessica Elaine Francetich, Practical Nurse; AAS
Anna C. Keightley, Human Resources; AS
Nicole P. Klein-Schreiner, Management; BS
Jacqueline Law, Practical Nurse; AAS
Jamie LeBrun, Practical Nurse; AAS
Megan Lynn McComish, General Studies; AA
Shane A. McCullough, Athletic Training; MS
Alyssa Lynn Mudd, School Counseling; MED
Jonathan F. Mudd, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
James Patrick O'Dea, Finance; BS
Tonya Von Recor, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Wendy Rodabough, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Samantha Ann Schessler, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Kristopher Douglas Schreiner, History Teaching Option; BA
Shelley Ann Tanskanen, Art Teaching Option; BA

Tanya Rae Weinreis McKeever, Generalist; MS
Lola Elizabeth Smith, School Counseling; MED

** Sara Lynne McKinney, Elementary Education ; BS
* Brad Sebek, Accounting; BS
* Brad Sebek, History; BA
Shaun Allan Brandenburg, Practical Nurse; AAS
Dayla Ann Newton, Management; BS

+ Kale Oen Lauer, Fire Science; AS
Dustin Jerry Gonzales, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology;
Bryan Grotjohn, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option); BS

Jason Wayne Goebel, Diesel Technology; AAS
Laci Liles, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS

* Abigail Bliss Bennett, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
*# Kisa Caroline Kron, English Teaching Option; BA
Laura R. Bowers, Liberal Studies; BS
Karrie Dawn Brack, Human Services; BS
Lance M. Gray, Fire Science; AS
Teresa Renee Huber, Liberal Studies; BS
Serena E. Porter, General Business; BS

Lodge Grass
Michele Renee Stops, Liberal Studies; BS

* Nicole D. Salsbery, Health Administration; BS
Ashley Nicole Ringer, Administrative Assistant; AAS

Kathy Eike, General Studies; AA
Tiffany L. Pinkerton, Practical Nurse; AAS

Miles City
** Staci M. Certain, Elementary Education; BS
** Leigh Krise, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
** Beth Wiedeman, Liberal Studies; BS
* Kimberly L. Adams, Elementary Education; BS
* Cynthia A. Hart, General Business; BS
* Nicholas M. Ottoy, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option); BS
* Nicholas M. Ottoy, Special Education (Secondary) ; BS
+ Jill Pauline Donnelly, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Shyla Barnosky, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Dawn Bundy, Management; BS
Christine Clendenen-Reed, Human Services; BS
Heather Alayne Eggum, Liberal Studies; BS
Alicia M. Esteves, Sociology; BA
Rebecca G. Fry, Athletic Training; MS
Micki Renee Morrow, Marketing; BS
Tara Lea Peila, Advanced Studies; MS
Parker Andrew Powell, Health Administration; BS
Amber Lynn Rainey, Public Relations; BS
Terry R. Roelfsema, School Counseling; MED
Cori Scheid, Management; BS
Kevin Tooke, Management and Marketing; BS

++ William Cole Gustafson, Automobile Collision Repair and Refinishing; AAS
Amee Arant, Liberal Studies; BS
Andrew S. Gardner, Applied Science; B
Mischelle Yvonne Hall-Thomas, Liberal Studies; BS
Stephanie D. Landers, General Business; BS
Kailey Anne Mayo, Psychology; BA

Alesia Dawn Kolar, Elementary Education ; BS

Rebecca M. Vinton, Reading; MED

Park City
** Thomas Ames, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
++ Jennifer Mae Hemphill, General Studies; AS
++ Robbie C. Seymour, Process Plant Technology; AAS
+ Teri Anne Seymour, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Christie Renee Weis, Practical Nurse; AAS

Jerrel Ashley Hickman, General Business; BS
James R. Nelson, Automotive Technology; AAS
Reanne Yvonne Tangedal, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS

Pompeys Pillar
Brandi Ann Budell, Elementary Education ; BS

++ James M. Gorder, Automotive Technology; CER

Josiah Ian Caleb Hugs, Psychology; BS
Donna Lee Stands Overbull, Elementary Education; BS

Red Lodge
** Courtney A. Bastian, Elementary Education ; BS
** Erin H. McNamara, Elementary Education ; BS
Nicholas Barfield, Liberal Studies; BS
Eric A. Heath, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Nicole L. Owen, Elementary Education ; BS
Davis Jacqueline Stevens, Special Education and Elementary Education ; BS

Reed Point
+ Adrienne Green, General Studies; AS

+ Vicki Lynn Rogers, General Studies; AA

+ Jason Goffena, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Jody Kotar, Office Assistant; CER
Colleen Nicole Krebs, Elementary Education ; BS
Stephanie Windorski, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS

Christine M. Kalina, General Studies; AA

Stephanie Baldry, Accounting Technology; AAS
Brittni K. Cromwell, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Brittni K. Cromwell, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS
Vanessa Lynn Furuli, Marketing; BS

Britney Jo Bancroft, Reading; MED

*** Peggy S. Visser, Elementary Education ; BS
** Jordan Peila, History; BA
+ Barbara A. Butler Bartholic, Medical Assistant; AAS
+ Tyler Larson, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Ryan Wesley Biggs, Information Systems; BS
Chad D. Bomar, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Kyle Travis Bomar, Environmental Studies; BA
Mary L. Chenoweth, Medical Assistant; AAS
Jesse Jo Harris, Public Relations; BS
Hillary Ann Kembel, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
Lynise C. Nauman, Accounting; BS
Brenda L. O'Neil, Human Services; BS
Alexandria D. Schultz, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Talia Annie Jane Super, Elementary Education ; BS
Bridgett D. Welch, Practical Nurse; AAS

** Chris Barone, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
** Kelsey Young, Psychology; BA
* Jill Lee, Accounting and Management; BS
Jeffery D. Burnison, Accounting Technology; AAS
Stephanie Dahl, Management; BS
Bethany Lynn Dopp, Environmental Studies; BA
Sarah R. Hoverson, Finance; BS
Nikolas Mark Salmen, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Eric J. Schulz, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Mary Kiesha Torgerson, General Studies; AA
Vann Williams, Automotive Technology; CER

Tamara Leigh Grewell, Practical Nurse; AAS

Connor L. Myllymaki, Automobile Collision Repair and Refinishing; AAS

Reese E. Davis, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS

Sun River
Randy Roy Thompson, Generalist; MS

** Darcy Renee Diegel, Elementary Education; BS

Darla Kay Wharry, General Studies; AS

* Ward Joel Jackson II, General Business; BS
Kevin Russell Roberts, Finance; BS

Three Forks
* Laci Strickland, Elementary Education ; BS

* Cindy Lee Schroeder Munger, Applied Science; B

Trout Creek
Cortney Smith, Elementary Education ; BS

+ Andrea K. Huisentruit, Accounting Technology; AAS
Rezina Dawn Zeiler, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS

West Glacier
** Colleen M. Dalimata, Finance; BS

West Yellowstone
Kevin Samuel Flanagan, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED

Kristen Migwi, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Joyce Ellen Schleinger, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS

Laura Dillon, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Laura Dillon, School Counseling; MED
Vanessa Jo Lanz, Public Relations; MS

Tasha Lyn Math, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER

Meghan Janine Efta, Human Resources; AS

Danielle Rae Bergum, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS

++ Adam Arthur, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Brandie B. Cummings, General Studies; AS
Kimberly A. Jensen, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Carl Matthew Kimmel, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Erin René Wiggins, Art; BA
Erin René Wiggins, General Studies; AA
Cedar Woodford, Construction Technology; AAS

Wolf Point
** Jarred William Rensvold, Biology; BS
Kaylie Dawn Borgen, Office Assistant; CER
Keri Rae Jezek Sansaver, School Counseling; MED
Whitney R. Sansaver, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Myrle Ryan Zilkoski, School Counseling; MED

Alysia Nicolle Anderson, Practical Nurse; AAS
Craig Channing Burton, History; BA
Tanna Jean Eschenko, Art; BA
Leslie Anne Hill, Office Assistant; CER
Joe E. Kragt, History; BA

Lissa Leigh LaFrance, Elementary Education; BS

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