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81st MSU Billings Commencement Ceremony -- Billings Students

April 29, 2008



Dan Carter, University Relations, 657-2269
Debbie Brown, University Relations, 657-2266


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — At the Montana State University Billings 81st Commencement ceremony, 917 students who have applied for their degrees will cross the stage, Saturday, May 3, at 10 a.m., at MetraPark.
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*** indicates Summa Cum Laude (4.00 GPA) academic honors
** indicates Magna Cum Laude (3.75 - 4.00 GPA) academic honors
* indicates Cum Laude (3.50 - 3.74 GPA) academic honors
# indicates Honor Program Scholar
+ indicates Honors (3.50 - 3.74 GPA) for Associate degrees and/or Certificates
++ indicates High Honors (3.75 -4.00 GPA) for Associate degrees and/or Certificates



Degree Codes:

AA: Associate of Arts
AS: Associate of Science
B: Bachelor
BA: Bachelor of Arts
BS: Bachelor of Science

M: Master
MS: Master of ScienceMaster of Science
MED: Master of Education
AAS: Associate of Applied Science
CERT: Certificate



(Listed alphabetically, with honors graduates listed first)


* * * Cheryl Bonko Heinrich, Management; BS
* * Kyle Elliot Ball, Information Systems; BS
* * Brad Everett Bauer, Management; BS
* * Diana Marie Davis, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
* * Michael Delzer, Information Systems; BS
* * Kelly Eastwood-McCandless, Communication Arts (Organizational) and Communication
* * Samuel James Herbert, Communication Arts (Organizational) and Communication Arts
* * Andrea L. Kenney, Liberal Studies; BS
* * David Michael Maldonado, Sociology; BA
* * Laurel Masterson, Management and Marketing; BS
* * Katie Beth Peila, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
* * Amanda E. Rieb, Human Services; BS
* * Shelly Harris Rumsey, Human Services; BS
* * Lyndi Schuman, Elementary Education; BS
* * Mark D. Simonsen, Accounting and Information Systems; BS
* * Matthew Ron Singer, Management and Marketing; BS
* * Ann Celestine Stroebe, English; BA
* * Lynette C. Tandeski, Liberal Studies; BS
* * Linda Villareal, Human Services; BS
* * Donna May Zurbuchen, Sociology; BA
* Michelle R. Aman, Liberal Studies; BS
* Tanya Beth Baca, Management; BS
* Crystal Dawn Burdette, Elementary Education; BS
* Celeste Ely Butler, Liberal Studies; BS
* Nicole Faith Corson, English; BA
* Melissa Lea Coyle, Art and Art Teaching Option; BA
* Melissa Lea Coyle, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
* Dawn A. Cresswell, Elementary Education; BS
* Sabrina Kay Currie, Sociology; BS
* Heather Jenelle Eales, Psychology and Sociology; BS
* Kayla Bobbi Erickson, Biology; BS
* # Michelle Lee Finnicum, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
* Tracie L. Flotkoetter, Accounting; BS
* # LaVerne Mack Frank, Liberal Studies; BS
* Michael S. Glancy, Liberal Studies; BS
* Natalie E. Gregory, Management and Marketing; BS
* Heather M. Hackey, Elementary Education; BS
* Abram Hagstrom, Liberal Studies; BS
* Patricia Lee Harper, Elementary Education; BS
* Tanya Killeen Henry, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
* Tina Marie Horsley, Liberal Studies; BS
* Meghan Rose Kilroy, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
* Olivia L. Koernig, English; BA
* Kristopher E. Korell, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
* Micheline Kratovil, Liberal Studies; BS
* Shawn D. Mayo, Sociology; BA
* Mary Mullen, Applied Science; B
* Peggy Parsons, Applied Science; B
* Tanner Rienhart, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
* Rikki C. Rohde, Management; BS
* Melsie A. Sawatzky, Environmental Studies and Communication Arts (Mass); BA
* Bethany Schwartz, Sociology; BS
* Nicole A. Taylor, Human Services; BS
* Curtis E. Timmons, Environmental Studies; BA
* Victor Allen Treat, Accounting; BS
* Rachel A. Veches, Management; BS
* Alicia Ann Waller, Elementary Education; BS
* Kelley Jo Williford, Liberal Studies; BS
++ Tricia C. Benton, Practical Nurse; AAS
++ Suzanne Carmen Bruns, Radiologic Technology; AAS
++ Cindy L. Caldwell, Practical Nurse; AAS
++ Chelsea A. Czeczel, Radiologic Technology; AAS
++ Ryan Lane Fawcett, Process Plant Technology; AAS
++ Eric A. Mayer, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
++ Joshua G. Pittsley, Process Plant Technology; AAS
++ Charles Antone Solem, Process Plant Technology; AAS
+ Jennifer J. Bertrand, Human Resources; AS
+ Derek Ryan DeVore, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
+ Shirley Ann Ficek, Practical Nurse; AAS
+ Michael S. Glancy, Human Resources; AS
+ Scott Anthony Holly, Fire Science; AS
+ Brian Kostelecky, Applied Supervision; AS
+ Betsy K. Kunsman, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
+ Steven J. Mattingley, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
+ Tsitsi Marianne Mhembere, Radiologic Technology; AAS
+ Katherine L. Naugle, Practical Nurse; AAS
+ Lillian B. Nehring, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
+ Ann-Hege Probert, Radiologic Technology; AAS
+ Sheryl L. Smith, Accounting Technology; AAS
+ Ralee Ann Stern, General Studies; AA
+ Michael Jordan Tommerup, Construction Technology; AAS

Curtis R. Abbott, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Stephanie L. Addy, Psychology; BS
Corey Scott Allen, Fire Science; AS
Kelisa Allen, Sociology; BS
Pamela Allen, Liberal Studies; BS
Pamela Allen, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Amanda M. Ankrum, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
James Russell Ascheman, Management; BS
Shanon Rochelle Ashworth, Practical Nurse; AAS
David A. Baier, Accounting; BS
Donna K. Baisch, Practical Nurse; AAS
Shelley R. Barnes, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Lisa J. Barron, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Dane E. Bekkedahl, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Tiffany Lynn Bell, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Katherine Rose Bermes, Health Administration; BS
Michael J. Binford, Management; BS
Laura M. Booth, Sociology; BS
Chelsey Borchardt-Maxwell, Management; BS
Duane Alan Borer, Medical Assistant; AAS
Hossein Borhan, Sociology; BS
Daniel A. Boschert, History; BA
Brandon Thomas Bowman, Liberal Studies; BS
Shawn Joseph Bowman, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Dawn Braulick, Human Services; BS
Sarah Katherine Brockel, Public Administration; M
Brandon Aaron Brown, Construction Technology; AAS
Lila L. Brown-Spring, Advanced Studies; MS
Jolene A. Reinboldt Burdge, Human Services; BS
Bree Busenbark, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Jaye Singer Butler, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Nicole A. Butler, School Counseling; MED
Regina Cain, Information Systems; BS
Kayti Margaret Cannon, Public Administration; M
Isela Maria Cano, Practical Nurse; AAS
Julie D. Cantrell, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
John Lee Card III, Fire Science; AS
Aurelia Dawn Carreno-Lang, General Studies; AA
Aurelia Dawn Carreno-Lang, Human Services; BS
Casey B. Carter, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Phyllis Ruth Carter, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Jennifer Mary Case, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Kristen N. Cayton, Liberal Studies; BS
Christopher Allen Charles, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Angeline Chirowamangu, Accounting ; BS
Kimberly K. Chouinard, School Counseling; MED
Paul R. Christeck, General Business; BS
Michael J. Clark, Construction Technology; AAS
Sarah Marie Clark, Applied Science; B
Katherine L. Cline, Management; BS
Brandon Michael Cloud, Management; BS
Pamela K. Conner, Accounting; BS
Sandra Coonfare, Liberal Studies; BS
Aaron M. Copeland, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Scott Jordan Cormier, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Jessica Craig, Management; BS
William Lais Walter Crtalic, Management; BS
Jennifer Karen Davenport, Elementary Education; BS
Joshua Aaron Davis, Liberal Studies; BS and Applied Supervision; AS
Henry Marshall Debus, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Sunny M. Delzer, General Studies; AS
Carol Ann Stutterheim Demaray, School Counseling; MED
Stephanie Hanser Dills, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Jesse Charles Dobson, Automotive Technology; AAS
Laura Leann Dorn, Psychology; BS
Jessica Lynn Dorwart, General Studies; AS
Kylie D. Dupuis, Practical Nurse; AAS
Kurt A. Edgell, Practical Nurse; AAS
Brian Olaf Eike, History Teaching Option; BA
Brittne Ekle, Elementary Education; BS
Nicole Adel Emmett, Political Science; BS
Amy R. Ensign, Sociology; BS
Penny Erhart, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Ryan Erickson, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Richard Fake, Diesel Technology; CER
Mary Rachelle Farrell, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Cassandra Ann Favero, Practical Nurse; AAS
Jason Daniel Favreau, Sociology; BS
John Clark Ferguson, Medical Assistant; AAS
Mike Fisher, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
Gilbert L. Floyd, Management; BS
Heidi Elise Folkerts, Practical Nurse; AAS
Lori Anne Fox, Applied Science; B
Gary Gene Frazier, Jr., Human Services; BS
Joshua Reid Fredericksen, Public Relations; BS
Jamee L. Free, Psychology; MS
Jamee L. Free, School Counseling; MED
Nichole L. Frickle, Practical Nurse; AAS
L. Michelle Gabaldon, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Ashley Nicole Gibbs, Human Resources; AS
Danny Glover, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Elizabeth A. Gordon, Practical Nurse; AAS
Mark Goyette, School Counseling; MED
Chad Daniel Green, Management ; BS
Griffin E. Green, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Stephani Renea Green, Practical Nurse; AAS
Dustin Greenwood, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Angela B. Grimm, School Counseling; MED
Kelsey E. Gum, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Tanya Gunkel, School Counseling; MED
Jenna Haacke, Liberal Studies; BS
Brigid Gillen Hagerty, Reading; MED
Jennifer Hamann, History; BA
Lorri Hammond, Administrative Assistant; AAS
John Francis Hanley, Elementary Education; BS
Elizabeth L. Harris, Public Relations; MS
Mallory S. Harris, Elementary Education; BS
Austin J. Harrison, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Jennifer L. Hawkinson, General Business; BS
Nicole Michelle Hein, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Cory A. Hess, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Nadine Hibbert, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
Aubree Leigh Hickman, Special Education and Elementary Education; BS
Jill Marie Hilario, Human Services; BS
Dustin Hilliard, Automobile Collision Repair and Refinishing; AAS
Laura Irene Hoag, School Counseling; MED
Janna Marie Hoensch, Psychology; MS
Melissa Stewart Hoffman, Human Services; BS
Bonnie Jean Hofmann, School Counseling; MED
Sean T. Holland, History; BA
Matthew Daniel Holm, Biology; BS
Joshua J. Holte, Automotive Technology; AAS
Pamela K. Horner, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management; MS
Tami Hoskins, Environmental Studies; BA
Jeremy D. Housley, Liberal Studies; BS
Sarah A. Housley, Human Resources; AS
Kayla Danelle Hove, Practical Nurse; AAS
Adam Patrick Howe, General Studies; AA
Justin Michael Huck, Elementary Education; BS
Leslie Lu Idstrom, School Counseling; MED
Carrie L. Irish, General Studies; AA
Melissa Mary Jacobs, Practical Nurse; AAS
Blaine S. Jensen, Communication Arts (Theatre); BA
Malea Ann Jensen, Elementary Education ; BS
Charlie Johnson, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option); BS
Jennifer K. Johnson, Health Administration; BS
Lindsay A. Johnson, Liberal Studies; BS
Shawna R. Johnson, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Mallory L. Johnston, Management; BS
Jacob D. Jovanovich, Accounting; BS
Taewoo Kang, Practical Nurse; AAS
Ali Karbassi, Liberal Studies; BS
Cody Kaser, English; BA
Casey Keierleber, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Starla Cheri Keller, Sociology; BA
Tyrel Jackson Keller, General Business; BS
Ashley Margit Kennah, Chemistry; BS
Christina E. Kepp-Morse, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Eonho Kim, Athletic Training; MS
Danielle Kindsfather, Management; BS
Joanne M. King, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Kathleen M. Knutson, General Studies; AA
Daniel Joseph Kobold, Liberal Studies; BS
Jessica Kolstad, Art; BA
Christopher Kosorok, Practical Nurse; AAS
Amber Dawn Kovach, Liberal Studies; BS
Carrie Marie Kragt, Practical Nurse; AAS
Crystal Jessica Kuehn, Human Resources; AS
Kelsey Leann Lahti, Art Teaching Option; BA
Kelsey Leann Lahti, Special Education (Secondary) ; BS
Brittany J. Lane, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Michael A. Lee, Automotive Technology; CER
Kelsey Dawn Lehfeldt, General Studies; AA
Heidi J. Lehman, Biology; BS
Nicole Leikam-Morton, School Counseling; MED
Mikel Lenhardt, Elementary Education; BS
Denny J. Lenoir, Sociology ; BS
Audrey Deborah Lenz, Practical Nurse; AAS
Jamie Letendre, Practical Nurse; AAS
Heather Louise Lindt, Medical Assistant; AAS
Melissa Long, Practical Nurse; AAS
Edward C. Longo, Welding and Metal Fabrication; CER
Jacqueline Lateese Lorang, Fire Science; AS
Maggie E. Lynaugh, Sociology; BS
Matthew Martin Machado, Liberal Studies; BS
Mitchell Paul Macrow, Jr., Health Administration; BS
John Patrick Maloney, Information Systems and Management; BS
Kelly M. Marquardt, Political Science and Sociology; BS
Greggory Allen Marsh, Liberal Studies; BS
Christopher Marshall, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management; MS
Chris Martin, Finance; BS
Jacee Martin, School Counseling; MED
Jason Martin, Automotive Technology; AAS
Kristelle Martinez, Practical Nurse; AAS
Stephanie Anne McCannel, Elementary Education; BS
Amelia Maria McDanel, English; BA
Timothy M. McNew, Biology; BS
Julie Ann Methot, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Lee A. Miller, Information Systems; BS
Ruetta Dawn Miller, Spanish; BA
Ruetta Dawn Miller, Liberal Studies; BS
Tyler T. Miller, Liberal Studies; BS
Michael Mills, Information Systems; BS
Roberta Mills, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
David Mitchell, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Jodi L. Mjolsness, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Richard William Moen, General Studies; AA
Ruby Lorain Moore, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
Molly Jo Morgan, Sociology; BA
Luke Morrill, Mathematics   ; BS
Stephanie Marie Morrill, English and History; BA
Tyler James Munson, Communication Arts (Organizational) and Communication Arts
Amanda Murray, Practical Nurse; AAS
Thea Murray, English; BA
Kimberly Ann Neill, Management; BS
Shaun M. Newell, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Chavis L. Nicholls, Psychology; BS
Christie Nickisch, Information Systems; BS
Mary Katherine Nissen, Liberal Studies; BS
Sylvia Isabel Noble, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Travis J. Norby, Fire Science; AS
Denise Lynn O'Bannon , Advanced Studies; MS
Karla Lynn Ochsner, Management; BS
Ginger Lynne Old Crane, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Daron Glen Olson, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Jarad Phillip Olson, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Angela Kennedy Ormes, General Business; BS
Brian Richard Osborn, Health Administration; BS
Rebecca A. Parnell, Biology; BS
Ryun David Patenaude, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Amanda Patton, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Lani J. Paulson, Public Relations; MS
Paige L. Payton, Human Services; BS
Grace M. Pelech-Frankforter, Art; BA
Jacob Coalwood Wesley Peters, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Kimberly Petersen, School Counseling; MED
Erin Lynn Peterson, Human Services; BS
Hannah C. Peterson, Elementary Education ; BS
Jennifer Lillian Peterson, Communication Arts (Theatre); BA
Keith M. Poeschl, Paramedic; AAS
Anya Jeannette Poirier, Music Performance Option; BA
Mary K. Prevost, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Kyle Steven Pryor, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option); BS
Brittany Anne Quade, Human Services; BS
Nicola Anne Rath, Management; BS
Kara B. Redman, General Business; BS
Eleanor Grace Reichert, Elementary Education ; BS
Melanie Reininghaus, Human Resources; AS
Hannah M. Reno, Information Systems; BS
Sarah Ann Reum, Human Services; BS
Dustin J. Rhodes, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Kyle Anthony Rickhoff, History; BA
Brent S. Roberts, Public Relations; MS
Randal Roberts, Automotive Technology; AAS
Reisha Alon Robinson, Art Teaching Option; BA
Jacob Alma Robison, Information Systems; BS
Jeremy Roehr, Automobile Refinishing; CER
Jeremy Roehr, Automobile Collision Repair; CER
Joel Rogers, Accounting; BS
Jeremiah J. Rooney, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Kevin W. Rosenthal, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
Kassie Runsabove, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS
Sarah Marie Rush, Special Education and Elementary Education ; BS
Brittney Irene Sandau, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Brandi N. Sandvig, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Deborah Sannes-Aguilar, Practical Nurse; AAS
Amanda Schelle, Practical Nurse; AAS
Charine Grace Schlosser, Elementary Education ; BS
Christopher M. Schneider, Mathematics; BS
Terry L. Schneider, Applied Science; B
Brenda J. Schock, General Business; BS
Heidi Marie Schumacher, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Brandy Schwartz, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS
Drew Schwartz, Diesel Technology; AAS
Sirena Secco, Liberal Studies; BS
Karen M. Severeide, School Counseling; MED
John V. Shideler, Management and Marketing; BS
Sarah L. Simpson, Reading; MED
Sara A. Smith, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Terez Elaine Smith, Management; BS
Mark Stephen Solberg, Paramedic; AAS
Corrie Sommers, Applied Science; B
Dynette L. Sparrow, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Jason Eric Spiker, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Tiffianny Steffes, Accounting; BS
Ashley Stergar, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Amber L. Stoltenberg, Human Services; BS
John Stone, Health Administration; BS
Justine Stromswold, Medical Assistant; AAS
Justine Stromswold, General Studies; AS
Jolene A. Strum, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Peter J. Sulser, Paramedic; AAS
Cody W. Sutton, Management and Marketing; BS
Edwin E. Thompson, Fire Science; AS
Bryce A. Tompkins, Management and Marketing; BS
Shannon D. Toney, School Counseling; MED
Jennifer M. Tresch, Reading; MED
Heather N. Trusty, Elementary Education ; BS
Stefanie D. Tschacher, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Renee E. Tucker, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Mikel Tulp, History; BA
Clarence Turner, Liberal Studies; BS
Jason Philip Van Cleave, Biology Teaching Option; BS
Laura D. Van Dongen, English; BA
Ryan Thomas Venable, Liberal Studies; BS
Kristin St. Laurent Wagner, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Rebecca Wagner, Public Administration; M
Simon Wald, Public Relations; BS
Aaron M. Walser, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; AAS
Gretta Jeanne Walter, Elementary Education ; BS
Russell Joseph Wanner, Paramedic; AAS
Nathan K. Warner, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Sarah Brooke Warren, Human Services; BS
Rebecca Hester Watson, Elementary Education; BS
Kristine M. Wattles, Automotive Technology; AAS
Terry J. Weaver, Information Systems; BS
Ashley Nicole Webb, Liberal Studies; BS
Whitney Webb, Practical Nurse; AAS
Brian Welzenbach, Biology; BS
Jerry West, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Amy L. Whalen, Reading; MED
Gerald Whitney, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Sara N. Whitney, Marketing; BS
Courtney Leigh Willhite, Health Administration; BS
Melissa Wilson, Practical Nurse; AAS
Ricki Lee Wolfe, Liberal Studies; BS
Karen Elaine Woodbury, Practical Nurse; AAS
Jessica J. Work, Accounting; BS
Katie Colleen Wright, Psychology; BA
Margaret Louise Yohannes, Practical Nurse; AAS
Holly E. Zimmerman, General Business; BS
Andrew Ken Zoeller, Accounting ; BS


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