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Official Colors

The university's official colors of blue and yellow have been updated. A darker blue has been added for the use of the university's athletic teams. The University also utilizes standard black and white.


Here are the official color formulas:


Athletic Blue

Athletic Blue

2-color: PMS 295
4-color: C=100, M=68 Y=8, K=52
RGB: R=0, G=47, B=95


hex #002F5F



Athletic Blue


2-color: PMS 293
4-color: C=100, M=68, Y=0, K=2
RGB: R=34, G=104, B=175


hex #2268AF



Athletic Blue


2-color: PMS 124 (coated)
PMS 7405 (uncoated)
4-color: C=0, M=27 Y=100, K=0
RGB: R=240, G=179, B=16
2-color: PMS 124 (coated)


hex #F0B310


University Campus and City College Campus Naming Conventions


The following examples illustrate the proper ways to refer to the university in print or on the Web. The full university name should always be used on first reference.


Montana State University Billings
Montana State Billings
MSU Billings

City College at Montana State University Billings
City College at MSU Billings



The official tagline should always be present in print or electronic publications


Access & Excellence


Keep in mind...

  • do not use the logos in any color other than the official blue and yellow as shown on the logo page; black is permitted if printing in black and white
  • do not alter the logos in any way
  • do not stretch or squeeze logos
  • do not rotate logos
  • do not use Web logos for printed materials (or vice versa)
Bad Logo Example One
unauthorized color

Bad Logo Example Two
squeezed logo

Bad Logo Example Three
altered logo 

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