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MSU Billings and City College are currently in the process of Strategic Program Alignment. The current realignment process is a response to national and regional trends in declining and changing demand for higher education, as well as recent budgetary pressures. We recognize that the declines in enrollment are not a reflection of poor performance on the academic side of our institution. Nonetheless, to position ourselves in a strategic manner from which we and our students can benefit in coming years, we need to take a hard look at our offerings to ensure that they are in line with current student needs, marketplace demands, and our potential.

This webpage serves as a resource for the community and will be updated as new material become available.


October/November 2018

The Strategic Program Alignment committee, comprised of 13 faculty members and a New Student Services representative, drafted the criteria that departments would use to evaluate their programs in SPA phase I.

December 2018

The committee’s criteria, along with a framework and timeline, was distributed to department chairs, program directors, and deans. Institutional research data on programs was also supplied.

December 2018 to February 2019

Program directors/faculty evaluated their programs. The SPA Faculty Committee were asked to categorize programs into three potential areas: Phase Out, Integrate/Invigorate, or Maintain.

February to May 2019

As part of SPA phase I, program directors/faculty met with the Provost to discuss programs categorized as Integrate/Invigorate to determine next steps. Charges were issued by the Provost with specific guidelines for modifying/adjusting programs.

August 2019

Academic Affairs Town Hall was held to discuss SPA and other concerns.

November 2019

The SPA phase II Faculty Committee (comprised of many of the same faculty as engaged in SPA Phase I) met to discuss timelines, set thresholds for more comprehensive program evaluation, and develop SPA phase II processes.

January 2020

An Academic Affairs update Town Hall was held to discuss additional details on the SPA process with faculty, staff, students, and the community. The SPA Faculty Committee was asked to evaluate programs that were on the comprehensive review list and provide input.

May 2020

SPA phase II decisions are released to the university community.

Fall 2020

SPA phase III encourages each college to develop programs that will support strategic priorities and strong market demand.

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