Montana State University Billings

Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Project (WIPA)

A cooperative agreement between the Social Security Administration and Montana State University Billings.
Reference Award #1 WIP15050402-01-00.


The  Montana State University Billings Montana Center for Inclusive Education WIPA project has been awarded a grant as part of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act that was established in 1999. The goal of the WIPA project is to help Social Security Disability beneficiaries understand and utilize employment supports and work incentives so they can achieve their employment and vocational goals.


The Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC)

  • Provides effective work incentives planning and assistance services to Social Security beneficiaries.
  • Promotes and supports employment outcomes for Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities.
  • Partners with community agencies and conducts community outreach.
  • Understands Social Security Disability benefits programs as well as other federal/state/local programs for which beneficiaries might be eligible.
  • Provides healthcare planning and counseling.

The project utilizes community networks such as Vocational Rehabilitation, and Montana Offices of Public Assistance to help in the identification of individuals with disabilities that could benefit from receiving this information. The CWIC provides statewide coverage in local areas either electronically or in person.


The Social Security Administration provides training and technical assistance to the project. For more information about the Montana State University Billings WIPA project please contact:


Social Security Help Line
1-866-833-2967 (TTY)


Montana State University Billings
Work Incentives Planning and Assistance
1-888-866-3822 (toll free)