MSU Billings Academic Senate

Policies - Emeritus Policy

Approved by Academic Senate - March 20, 1989; Revised 2004, 2007, 2017

  1. Eligibility
    1. Emeritus designation can only be received at:
      1. full retirement at or beyond age 62 with at least 15 years service at MontanaState University - Billings;
      2. retirement before age 62 with 20 years of service in Higher Education including 15 years of services at Montana State University - Billings.
    2. Full-time faculty or administrators holding the rank of Professor or Associate Professor, or Level III or IV at the College of Technology, who retire under the conditions of A (above) may receive emeritus designation.
    3. Faculty who did not meet eligibility requirements in A and B but who are deemed exemplary candidates for Emeritus by their unit may be considered as exceptions to A and B.
  2. Criteria
    1. Emeritus designation is granted in recognition of meritorious service to Montana State University Billings, and represents a form of promotion.
    2. Meritorious service implies demonstration of exemplary professional competence and evidence of effective services to the programs of the institution.
  3. Procedures
    1. By the end of the first week of Spring Semester of each year any person in an administrative unit may nominate eligible faculty within his/her unit for emeritus status.
    2. ByDecember 1 the appropriate department chair shall solicit all materials for documentation of professional competence and effective service to the institution. After review, the department shall pass a recommendation to the Dean of the College for endorsement.
    3. By December 15 recommendation shall be forwarded by the Dean to the Provost/Academic Vice Chancellor and then by January 15 to the Chancellor for consideration.
    4. The Chancellor shall forward the names of approved nominees to the Board of Regents for consideration.
    5. The Emeritus designation shall state the person's faculty rank and administrative position, if any. The administrative position shall be stated only when retirement is made directly from such position and only in the cases of Deans, Provost/Vice Chancellors, and Chancellors.
  4. Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities
    1. Emeriti faculty shall be considered faculty members in every respect except for:
      1. change in salary and insurance status
      2. the obligation to perform duties
      3. the right to hold a full-time administrative or teaching position and,
      4. the right to vote in faculty or department meetings.
    2. Specific Provisions
      Emeriti faculty shall:
      1. be permitted to use the library and physical education facilities, bookstore discounts, and all other benefits normally occurring to a faculty member,
      2. be invited to attend faculty meetings, commencement exercises, convocations and special programs for faculty and administrative staff sponsored by the University,
      3. be provided with a campus mail box, if desired, and receive all campus publications (dependent on available space),
      4. be provided with a campus parking permit,
      5. be provided with a department office, contingent upon availability of space,
      6. be permitted the use of laboratories or other special facilities as resources allow,
      7. be provided ordinary office materials and supplies for professional business and under the same issuing procedures applicable to other members of the department,
      8. be listed in the University Catalog.
    3. Administrators at all levels should consider the availability and desire for meaningful service of faculty emeriti when appointing committees.