Sarah Calhoun

Sarah Calhoun has nearly two decades of leadership experience in both the non-profit and small business sectors, working in the outdoor education industry before founding Red Ants Pants in 2006. Tired of wearing men’s work pants that didn’t fit, Calhoun designed pants that would fit, function and flatter working women. Red Ants Pants are made in the USA, based out of White Sulphur Springs, Mont. where the storefront, distribution center and international headquarters all reside in a historic saddle shop.

To show support for the hard-working side of Montana and beyond, the Red Ants Pants Foundation was born in 2011. The Foundation supports women’s leadership, working family farms and ranches, and rural communities – the three things most important to Calhoun and the Red Ants Pants community. That same year the Foundation launched its first program, the Red Ants Pants Music Festival, which takes place annually during summer.

Calhoun has been called a revolutionary figure in rural business today and a powerhouse of inspiration for women in business. As she has risen to the top echelons of success, she pays it forward by actively encouraging and mentoring other entrepreneurial women.