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MSU Billings Student E-mail is now at Google

MSU Billings has switched all students to the Google mail system this summer. The change will provide e-mail services, calendaring and document sharing. To make this transition go smoothly, there are a few things you should do as soon as possible (see bottom of message).

Here is what you need to know:

  1. You have been assigned a new e-mail address. The format is: All e-mail sent to this address is directed to your new Google account. You will be able to keep this account even after you have left MSU Billings.
  2. To access you new Google account, you need to retrieve your new NetID and log on to the account (see instructions below)
  3. Your address is now your official e-mail address for MSU Billings business. This includes billing statements, class listserves, and other official communications.
  4. Your MyPortal address will continue to work for the foreseeable future. E-mail addressed to the old address will automatically be forwarded to your Google account.
  5. After July 1, the Google mail system will be available directly through the Portal.
  6. You can set forwards from within your new Google account or merge this account with existing g-mail accounts.
  7. If your MyPortal e-mail was already set to forward to another account, you will need to reset this in your new Google account.
  8. All e-mail in your existing MyPortal account has been moved to your Google account. This includes your inbox plus all folders (except deleted items, drafts, and SPAM).

To set up you account, you should do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Go to
  2. Retrieve your NetID
  3. Activate your new Google account
  4. Set any forwards or merges you want (using standard g-mail functions)

For more help email



MyInfo ID: student ID number PW: six digit date of birth MyInfo    Domain ID: firstname.lastname PW: last six digits of student ID MSU Billings Domain    D2L ID: firstname.lastname PW: last six digits of student ID Desire2Learn    EMail ID: Your Net ID PW: Pin Number Google Mail    Wireless ID: firstname.lastname PW: last six digits of student ID Wireless   


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