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IELP Goals



Intensive English Language students will be able to achieve their language and personal goals through hard work, good study habits, and successfully completing the program levels.


It is the goal of the program to help students enter at their current level of ability and to maintain progressive improvement throughout the sessions. A brief description of each level is provided for you.


Program Level Descriptions


Level 1


This level will provide students with foundational English skills in writing, reading, speaking, listening, and culture.


Level 2


This level will enable students to increase their abilities in English pronunciation, reading and vocabulary, writing and grammar, oral communication, academic skills, and American culture.


Level 3


This level will allow students to synthesize English within academic writing and reading, oral communication, intercultural skills, a second level of academic skills, grammar (both spoken and written), and presentation skills.


Level 4


This level will offer students the opportunity to participate in a university course by observation, take a second level of intercultural skills, another level of academic writing and reading, more oral communication with an emphasis on speeches, and a course on research skills.


Level 5


This level will prepare students to enter MSU Billings credit courses within their chosen program by offering participation in a course for credit, a second level of research skills, a course for research projects, a course for PowerPoint skills, a higher level of academic writing and reading, and a final level of oral communication. Upon successful completion of this level, a student's placement test results will be equivalent to scores needed for enrollment in the required college level English composition course at MSU Billings.


Level 6


This level will prepare students to enter MSU-Billings undergraduate/graduate credit courses within their chosen program. Courses will be focused on undergraduate/graduate level academic writing and reading, and oral communication skills. Upon successful completion of this level, a student's placement test results will be equivalent to scores needed for enrollment in credited undergraduate/graduate level courses at MSU Billings.


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Each level will help you meet your personal and academic goals by specific elements designed to track your progress through the program. These components are to increase your cultural and social awareness through education and activities, to provide one-on-one tutoring and teaching time, and to maintain visible progress as you succeed.


Social & Cultural Education


Learning social and cultural skills is an important part of preparation for success at a U.S. university. IELP classes will include fun and exciting social and cultural experiences to help students learn about different aspects of American society and culture. This part of the program will help students fit in with their peers, meet new friends, and gain valuable experience for lifelong learning.


One-on-one Advising


To guide student's progress each week, instructors will provide each individual with one-on-one advising to encourage students to fulfill their learning goals and to make adjustments as needed. In this way, students get regular personalized feedback and support which will help them achieve continued progress in their learning throughout the program.


Visible Progress


After each session, students are tested to demonstrate their learning progress and to qualify to move on to higher IELP levels. Through these assessments, students are able to track their learning progress throughout their involvement in the program toward successful completion.


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